Gambling Trends Category

At the moment (at least for me personally) gambling transactions incl lottery, slots & bets, go into the entertainment category in trends.

Have you explored moving these transactions to its own gambling category?

I know we can make custom categories, but making it a default option regardless of plus / premium / free accounts would be beneficial for users in my opinion

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“I don’t gamble, I want one for alcohol/my dog/school fees”

I think there should be one free customer category and after that you need to pay. But all of this has been suggested many times if you have a search.


I think it’s more about framing gambling as something that isn’t ‘entertainment’

But fair point, one free custom category would also be good


A “vices” category could cover anything including gambling, alcohol and RSPCA subscriptions

But that is not a very positive thing banks might want to don by default

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