Gambling on Credit Cards to be Banned

Did you miss Rika’s reply, where it’s appears pretty clear that most private businesses have already decided this, so the bad is really closer to formalising an accepted practice than to forcing an unwanted intrusion:

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This is pretty much what I was going to echo. The point I made above also, which I can vouch for from personal experience, is that credit card companies charge you for gambling transactions. I, as would many others, interpret that as being frowned upon by the lenders themselves.

All the government has done is put an official law in place which I see as helping both parties so the individual gambling isn’t tempted to use money that isn’t theirs to fund a possible addiction they may have, and so that the lender is safeguarded from potentially never getting their money back which could put them out of business, as a consequence of that, jobs can then be lost.

You ask me to refer to the subject of the thread, but I see nothing that specifically says “Government Topic - Political Rants Only” it actually says “Gambling on Credit Cards to be Banned” so I fail to see you’re getting at here… forgive my ignorance if I’m missing something :man_shrugging:

As for ignoring your original point, you mentioned nothing about the government in your first reply to me, then asked “what has this got to do with the government?” in your second reply, and now apparently I’m missing the point and this is a political-only thread where it seems you get shot down if you have a personal view of supporting the ban (regardless of who enforces the ban) even if you’re told you’re entitled to express your views. I guess there’s no right or wrong answer on this one.

I do agree with you about being free to live as we choose so long as we don’t inflict harm on others. We are all responsible for ourselves. I personally have the view that there are people out there who are vulnerable, now more than ever, and there needs to be safeguards in place to protect these people. Again, just my opinion.


It is a good idea to help stop gambling and getting in to debts with credit card bill but drinking is bad for you as every one know but as people have said how would you stop people paying let’s £40 down the pub how would you monitor that.

I think everyone’s forgotten that there is nothing to stop you taking cash out on your credit card and putting it in your bank and then using a debit card to gamble with. Or just taking said cash to where ever you physically want to gamble.

I don’t think anyone’s forgotten.

There are always going to be ways for people to get around these restrictions. It just makes it a little more difficult.

Putting friction in between a compulsive gambler and a betting outlet has been shown to be successful at reducing gambling. As shown by Danny Cheetham, using the gambling block on BBC News.


Love this discussion, how such a complex matter can be distilled down so simply by so few.

Crack on everyone, this is gold dust and saves me reading the Daily Mail comments section… :wink:

That’s supposedly available to you to do as you please. That’s the whole moral justification for the high interest charged on credit cards

The word “supposedly” is doing all the work here. Credit is provided subject to T&Cs, they can change at any point, and your options are to stay and deal with it, or to leave, that’s it.

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