Fuse Energy

Octopus also do variable DD, but you need to Ask for it

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Started the switch to fuse! What’s a recommendation on the gas supplier?

Mine will roll onto EON as gas only but im thinking UW switch as I can do the same exact monthly billing on actual usage like Fuse.

No exit fee as its the standard variable minus a ~fiver.

Good to see Fuse are freezing their tariff rates

No increase in Jan :tada:

:fu: OFGEM

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New rates just given for Fuse. I’m seeing these for my area

Key changes Current New
Unit rate (per kWh) £0.2604 £0.2255
Standing charge (per day) £0.4547 £0.5998

How are those relative to the price cap rates for your area?

Is it still undercutting them just as significantly?

From this page looking at 1st Apr to 30 June it has these for Midlands.

Unit rate: 23.84p per kWh
Standing charge: 62.73p per day

Unit rate: 6.00p per kWh
Standing charge: 31.45p per day

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Based on using 6000 kWh yearly for that 3 month period.

90 days
1480 kWh

90 x 62.73 = £56.46
1480 x 0.2384 = £352.83


90 x 0.5998 = £53.98
1480 x 0.2255 = £333.74


£21.57 cheaper :partying_face:

It’s meant to always be at least £50 cheaper yearly based on AVG use so for me £86 if that carries on for another 9 months.

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