Further ideas for Monzo Premium

Do they have stuffing, gravy and chip in London?

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Stuffing, like what goes with your roast chicken? That, gravy and chips sounds delicious


We don’t have that in London. We’re clearly disadvantaged.

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Can you even ask for scraps at a chippy in London? Or do Londoners view that as a request for a fight?


I’m not from London :man_shrugging: Up 'ere we have specialties like:

  • Steak and kidney pudding on a butty
  • Dab
  • John Bull

I’m tempted to suggest a free 2 litres of gravy with Monzo Plus every month for people outside of London. That should keep everyone happy.

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This is enough reason for me to never switch to Plus, and consider closing my account. :no_good_man:t3:

We could never be friends :pensive:

Anyway… I think we might have gone a bit of topic :speak_no_evil:

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Let’s just leave it there. Londoners need gravy too.

What do I need to get some mint sauce?

Just get some pea wet; you’ll be reet.

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I was talking about pie barm with pea wet last night. All my southern friends were outraged. One said “is the pea wet to help lubricate your throat so it just slides down easier”.


Can’t forget about the smack barm