Full Current Account Layout design?

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I will be glad to fully switch when the trial ends. :clap:t2::pray:t2:I do think the current UI definitely needs a change to be intuitive for ta full account and was wondering what the latest is? Things like making transfers just don’t feel slick and they way they are listed etc a bit haphazard. Curious but happy Monzonaut.:thinking::raising_hand_man:t2:


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I for one are hoping for almost no changes to the UI, it’s minimalist and has good UX, I’m only hoping for new features. However I think what you mean is you’d like to see some styling updates rather than a UI change. Of which I would agree in some areas such as making transfers nicer to look at. Transactions and Card view works I think.


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I think Regular Payments needs to move to spending! And we need enhanced merchant info for Direct Debits, editing for previously used Bank transfers all sorts of little but important details!

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(Hugh) #4

They are in spending already? Little thing at the bottom of the spending tab opens your DDs and standing orders


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My bad! I meant Payments section :joy:


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Ah, now I’m torn on this one. The Spending tab with the budget stuff is the correct place for them because they are the payments that will mainly affect my budgeting since they’re by far the biggest outgoings I have.

I don’t want to lose any space in the Payments tab either and as they’re payments that I haven’t yet made (but need to budget for) I don’t really want to see them there in their current form.

What I do want to see (unless someone comes up with a better idea) is the impact of these payments on my future balance for the period since that’s effectively how I budget at the moment. Thus there is a place for them in the Payments tab…

My default would be to have their (estimated) future values inserted into the Payments timeline in their relative positions such that I could scroll through them and see the balance impact they’d have. For maintenance and setup, however, Spending tab please…

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(James Murray-Ferris) #7

I get where you’re coming from and I think ultimately it well stay where it is and it will have a similar effect to what you would like to see that we see in Hugo’s breakdown thread



I hope we see the graph at the top return… Have missed that quite a lot in the CA preview



Was that a joke? Many of us would like the option to toggle it off (particularly on smaller phones)

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(MikeF) #10

When you get through your first full calendar month it’ll be back.

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No… it’s something I actually found useful. Toggle would suit both parties though :+1:t3:


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