Full bank credit reporting (not scoring)

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Here’s what Tom’s said about this -

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Well guess I was wrong :joy:

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I asked this question on customer chat last week, and the reply was they anticipate not needing to run a credit check!

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@Jkb114/@alexs/@Davesanchez -

We’re not discussing credit checking, but in fact credit reporting about the status of our Monzo current accounts.

For example, my Starling current account is now appearing on my credit report. If its balance was negative, it would show up as a negative mark.

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Thanks James I’m aware of that, I was simply correcting Josh’s comment.

@HrachG I’ve finally had a chance to do a thorough check of the site now & I’m pretty sure that the Monzo team hasn’t answered your question, even though it has been asked before, in the topic that I’ve just moved this discussion to & has been mentioned in a couple of other threads.

Usually that means that the team hasn’t decided / isn’t sure about the answer to your question but now that we’re closer to the launch of the current accounts, hopefully they can answer…

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Negative balance =/= negative mark

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