From Customer Operations to Executive Assistant: My Journey at Monzo


I’m Anna, an Executive Assistant here at Monzo currently supporting the People Collective.Executive assistants at Monzo typically support 2-3 Senior Leaders or Executives, managing their time, diaries, emails, admin and more. I think of the role as supporting the success of the executive you work with, and in turn Monzo! Acting as an ‘unblocker’ for all the administrative tasks that come with daily work.

The blog dives deeper into how I navigated the change from my previous Customer Services role and harnessed the opportunities that came my way! Spotlighting the skills and learnings throughout my journey here.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Executive Assistants at Monzo, feel free to reach out!


Anna - thank you for taking the time to make this article available for us here on the forum.

It’s refreshing to read that Monzo makes opportunities for learning available via secondments and thge like to help employees progress their careers.

It bodes well for the long-term health of the organisation.

I wish you continued success in this and any future role.