Friends signing up but not able to see them on 'Friends on Monzo'

Does anyone else have the issue whereby when you are getting your friends to sign up to Monzo and they have signed up, you can’t see them on ‘Friends on Monzo’.

I’m going Skiing soon and have created a Shared tab. There were three people not on Monzo, I got them to sign up. They can see me on Friends on Monzo but I can’t see them (before anyone says anything I can see all my other contacts on Monzo). Annoyingly I get them to send me a penny and then they become visible.

Only raising it because it’s unnecessary friction that prevents people getting deep into the sticky features of Monzo.

Have you selected this option in Settings?


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Or, more likely, have your friends?


Yes - They can see me, I just can’t see them and that option is enabled for me.

Have they added their contacts?
People had to enable contacts so I could see them.