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Here’s an idea, not sure if it goes here or in “ideas”, or if it has already been suggested.

I now have a couple of direct debits showing in my Recurring Payments - clicking on them does not show anything - I assume it will show some sort of payment information once the first payment has been made?

Anyway, it would be good to be able to rename them to something more friendly - whereas “CAPITA BUS SVS re TV LICENSING” could just become “Quarterly TV License”.

Just a thought…

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I can see what you mean, to build on that, perhaps Monzo could enable users to suggest updates for the organisations that’re sending these payments so that all Monzo users end up with a proper name for them? That could be a similar process to the one that’s used to crowdsource merchant data.

Obviously where it’s an individual, rather than a company, it would probably be better for the user to be able to update the name for their reference only.


we could have some fun… guess which utility company I’d replace with ‘rip off scumbags with appalling customer service’?

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We’ll definitely do this :slight_smile: We just haven’t built it. But it’ll probably be like the normal crowdsourced merchant enrichment we have now, but for direct debits

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Excellent - that’s great to hear :grinning:


Not sure if this has been mentioned before but will we ever be able to add notes to the direct debits? E.g. I have a direct debit for the finance company who do my car insurance but the name is nothing to do with cars. It would be nice if I could add a little note in the app that said “Car Insurance” so it would be easier to track what the payment was for


It’s a very good point actually I have GoCardless direct debit which a car share company uses to take money whenever I use. Would be good to be able add our notes


I’m sure this has been discussed somewhere including being able to change the title of the DD to something friendly if required.

I’d be surprised if not.

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I’ve moved your post here as Tristan’s sort of answered your question, earlier in the thread.

Remember that the preview doesn’t have the final UI for the current accounts & I’d be very surprised if they don’t replicate most of the normal transaction’s functionality for the finished version.


Thanks @alexs :slight_smile:

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I’ve also asked in app to be able to sort by name, amount, due date or any other useful combination so we’ll see how that goes :slight_smile:

It’s getting a bit messy with 10 Direct Debits in the list!

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Anymore updates on this @tristan?

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Yes, an update would be good. This is much-needed because it ruins the aesthetics and clarity of the Monzo transaction feed—one of its biggest selling points.

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