Friend to Friend I.O.U

I know we can transfer and split bills with friends but I was shopping today and I asked my friend if he could borrow me the money and I’ll give it back later or another day and then I had a random thought.

Would it be good if we us something like friend IOU that’s like a friend loan where it auto requests the money back or and informal reminder through monzo that “you owe Chris £5 for take out would you like to pay” or something where you can ask a friend through monzo to borrow money

Thoughts ???

Check out Shared Tabs

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Yes this is for bills which is good but I’m referring more towards actually borrowing money from a friend not splitting or sharing it. I might not have written it out in the right way sorry

You can add a ‘custom bill’ to a shared tab.
All you would do is add a custom bill for £30 if they loaned you £30, for example.
Works exactly as you require :+1:

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Interesting I’ll have a look, thanks

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