Freetrade Investment

Will be interesting to see the valuation :eyes:

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Covid has been generally positive for them, so will definitely be interested

$366m apparently :face_with_monocle:

Ā£3.77 share price, up 50% from the last round at Ā£2.51.

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About what I excepted, interesting news and looking a lot better placed than Monzo with raising!

Well, not really a reasonable comparison - it is an entirely different sector that has actually benefitted from the pandemic.

Congrats to Freetrade for taking advantage of the obvious momentum.


That was the point I was making, that it was interesting how different finance sectors had been impacted.

Also Iā€™m not sure I would say entirely different, as both sub sectors of finance

Portfolio size nugget in the Truelayer article. So Ā£2000 x 700,000 customers = Ā£1.4bn AUA :eyes: :