Freetrade: Free Share Trading


Yep. According to Wikipedia, iPhone 5c supports iOS 10.3.3, so that should work as well.


I agree but I do hope android will be soon.

Tbh working on ios as well means the android app will be better when it eventually comes out

(Daniel O Williams) #766

I have just signed up for this now and so am at the bottom of a very large queue.

Just wondering how similar this is to eToro?

I used that a few years ago, I think the difference was that etoro was not actually buying shares, instead you were effectively betting against the current share price, does that sound about right?

(Chris) #767

That’s completely correct. Your purchases on Etoro would have been CFD trading with quite high spreads. I won’t go into the ins and outs; so here is a link explaining.

Where as by using Freetrade; you are buying an actual real share of whichever company you wish to invest in. You will own an actual piece of that company. For no commission (providing you are happy to wait until 4pm for your trade to be executed that is - otherwise a small fee applies for instant trades).

(Alex Sherwood) #768

We’ve finished the testing so US stocks are available now for everyone :tada:

(Splodf) #769

On iOS…


(Michael) #771

Supposedly reached #0 on the queue on iOS but not given access. Is that right?


Same here, went on chat and was given an immediate invite.

(Daniel O Williams) #773

Anyone know quickly do you typically progress down the queue?

I’m keen to have a go but if I have to wait ages I may as well try somewhere else.

(Rob) #774

I read somewhere it’s maximum 2 weeks and they’re trying to clear it all by March (or so). It’s just an email address needed to get on the waitlist, no proper sign up until you get full access :+1:t3:

(Andy) #775

Oh cool, who else is doing free trading in the UK?


I don’t know if anyone else is providing free trading options, but it is worth bearing in mind that if you want an ISA, Freetrade will not necessarily be the cheapest way to invest for everyone.

For example, if you are only interested in funds, are happy with Vanguard funds and have a portfolio smaller than £24k, an ISA via Vanguard Investor is cheaper than Freetrade. For those interested in shares and non-vanguard funds iWeb ISA could also work out cheaper than Freetrade ISA in the long run if you only tend to do a small number of trades per year.

(Vladislav Kozub) #777

How exactly is £5 per transaction cheaper in long run?


It’s cheaper if you don’t trade regularly.

If you do 7 or less trades a year the yearly fees on iWeb will be less than Freetrade’s ISA admin fee of £36/year. iWeb does have a one-off account opening fee of £25 but if you’re only making occasional trades the long-term cost can be lower than Freetrade even taking the account-opening fee into account.

e.g. 3 years with Freetrade ISA = £36 x 3 = £108.
3 years with iWeb ISA and 4 trades per year = £25 + 3 x 4 x 5 = £85.

Over a longer period and/or with a lower trading frequency the gap would get bigger.

(#savetheseabass) #779

Who does only 4 trades a year? Fine if you’re sitting with a lump sum to invest but most surely put a bit in each month due to financial reasons, dollar/pound cost averaging or rebalancing their portfolio

(Vladislav Kozub) #780

Considering you only go with index funds (safe and wise option), doing one transaction per quarter will make you lose more due to the opportunity cost of sacrificed growth. The only difference is that you do not notice this cost since it is not a cash transaction.

Also, if you want to buy stocks and indexes in non-UK markets, iWeb’s customers carry a 1.5% currency conversion loss, whereas Freetrade’s is only a mere 0.45%. Speaking of very long-term, that would be a £1,000 difference on a £100,000 portfolio chunk consisting of non-UK assets. This sum itself will pay for almost thirty years worth of Freetrade’s ISAs, let alone the transaction costs.

In either case, it is up to every individual to make their own choices, and it is reasonable to claim that Freetrade is not yet the perfect broker and has room for improvements, but speaking of monetary comparison, I do not think there is any other option in the UK that will be more cost-effective in either short or long term other than Freetrade at the moment (except maybe Vanguard for portfolios of up to £24,000, but you are then limited to their own funds).

(Rob) #781

Small point, but if you pay in one go Freetrade ISA’s are £30 per year. They’re also free until April :partying_face:

(Sendu Bala) #782

You could do your trading on another platform, and transfer the assets to iWeb 1 or 2 times per year. Not sure if something like that would be possible with Freetrade, but it would be a way to avoid their ISA fee!

(Shreyas Zanpure) #783

That made me laugh!