Freetrade: Free Share Trading

(Alex Sherwood) #744

Yes I did, I guess I got lucky :smile:

(Adam) #745

Weirdly enough I was number 72,000 in the queue over the weekend then got bumped up the to front automatically (without anyone using a link etc).

But… this is completely irrelevant at the moment as the Android app isn’t ready, so I’m number 0 in the queue with no app to actually access until April!


Yeah, I just realised the irony of that. First in the queue but the club doesn’t open til next season :joy:


It seems Win 7 does not have the option to protect zip files. How about I put them in a private Dropbox folder and send a lnk via in-app chat. That’s secure.

(Alex Sherwood) #748

We’ve just sent you a message via the live chat.


I’ve been at 0 for quite a while…


Are you android?




The android app isn’t out yet. They just have a wait list. Being at 0 means you will be first to get to use the new android app (release date appears to be April 2019)

(Splodf) #753

I think we’re all at zero

(Chris) #754

Imagine being a round 1 and on android :grin:

In all fairness though - if you are that desperate to get on the app then buying a cheap Iphone isn’t exactly an expensive option. Especially if you are saving on trading fees. The cost of the IPhone would be offset with the savings from trading fees. (Its what I did).

Its great to see US stocks. I didn’t sign up for the test phase; but I’ve seen many screen grabs and heard some good things. So looking forward to seeing the roll out and grabbing a few hot picks myself.

There’s still alot of work to be done; and Freetrade know themselves that the product isnt finished (there will always be ways to expand) and they understand how important development is to the app and the business as a whole in order to generate new customer growth and to keep existing customers coming back for more.

Looking forward to seeing advanced graphs, alpha accounts, increased stock universe including more US and some AIM stocks and REITS (Please add WP Carey :grin:). But these things will take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Sorry for the cliche).

As an investor of the business I would have liked to have seen quicker progression especially in the early phases; I have been quite vocal on my position with regards to that. But what I have seen in the last 6 month’s from the team is positive steps forward to deliver the product to the customer; and even though there is still plenty of work left to do and will be for the foreseeable future. What Freetrade have achieved so far is positive. But that doesn’t mean I will stop being critical of certain elements of the business. It just means I am pleased with their progress so far.

Android is the next priority and once that has been rolled out; user numbers have the potential to grow by 50% overnight. So making sure all the infrastructure and development is in place prior to this launch is very important. Freetrade will be the custodians of your investments at the end of the day. So making 100% sure the Android app is working correctly prior to launch is one of the most important aspects of the Android development (if not the most important). I’d rather have a delay in Android and an app that works flawlessly- rather than a rushed app with bugs that potentially costs the business or the customer losses.

(Dan) #755

Am I missing something? I dont seem to have US stocks :confused: iOS


I think it’s being rolled out to people gradually.

(Vladislav Kozub) #757

@adztaylor is right, the US stocks are being tested by anyone who wishes to, and if I understood correctly, they will be available to all existing users at some point next week :wink:

You can check out the detail in a dedicated topic on Freetrade Community.


Any clue of an android release date other than April??
Hoping ti comes much sooner!

(Rob) #759

There’s no official date but I thought the narrative was ‘before April’ so I think we’ll hear about people testing it during March.

(Charlie Kelly) #760

Whilst I appreciate the situation and can’t wait for US stocks, it’d be nice if Android was a priority over ‘what’s easy to build’.

(#savetheseabass) #761

But they have different teams working on each thing. They can’t hold up releasing some features because something a different and unrelated team is doing will take longer to finish


If anyone is looking to use a iPhone, then you will need at least iPhone iOS 10.

I recall something about the app working on iPads as well, maybe someone can confirm?

(#savetheseabass) #763

Even iPhone 5s has iOS 12