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(Chris) #724

Andre’s departure was always the elephant in the room that those close to Freetrade wanted to ask. But for fear of public humiliation and negative backlash it was never spoken about.

I also found it quite unfair to see such negativity about him publicly - when the true nature of his departure wasn’t given. It’s a toxic environment when this type of behaviour is encouraged.

I’d also love to know the current situation with regards to compliance. Calum has been removed as company secretary and checking on the FCA register he is no longer acting officer for CF10 (compliance oversight) or CF11 (AML).


The snarky comments around this do not bode well.

(Rob) #726

Shareholders were notified about Andre’s departure last year and Ian joining as replacement. I think there was a fair chance that he might go to Revolut as he had an ex-colleague there.

He left Freetrade in the middle of last year (around June) and then looks like he joined Revolut in November, so had 3-4 months gap at least.

(Vladislav Kozub) #727

Freetrade posted some of their plans for 2019!

Notable milestones include the following:

  • European expansion
  • A huge increase in the number of available US, UK and European (!) stocks
  • Even more venues for order execution
  • And — drumroll — fractional shares

(Alex Sherwood) #728

And now we’re rolling out US stocks to our users :us: :us: :us:

(Simon B) #729

Amazing stuff! Freetrade are really on a roll and that’s great to see.

(Kenny Grant) #730

Just bought my first US Shares!

(Tom Halloran) #731

Great news! Can’t wait to try this

(Andy Freeburn) #732

If anyone is interested - here is my referral link that will help to bump me up the queue…:



US a higher priority than Android :thinking:

(Alex Sherwood) #734

We’re working on both at the same time but US stocks were easier to build, which is why we have them sooner :slight_smile:


Harder than iOS? :wink:

(Caspar) #736

Really loving Freetrade - I’ve never bought shares in my life, but was able to dip in and invest a small amount without any fuss. I don’t plan on investing lots but as a way to ‘invest’ change it’s interesting.


Eagerly awaiting android app.

Shameless referral link time:


I’ve just had my invite and was looking forward to getting up and running but failed the automatic identity verification checks. I’ve now been asked to submit a couple of documents to verify. Normally that would not be a problem but it seems the only method available is email which as we all know is not a secure channel.

Anyone else been in this situation? What are your thoughts? I’m amazed that there is no secure way of submitting sensitive documents.

(#savetheseabass) #739

Did you ask in chat on the website or in app if you can access it if there are any alternatives to email?

(Kenny Grant) #740

Yes. I was astounded by this too. They need to fix it. I ended up giving in and emailing. I’d also prefer support chats were not mirrored to email. You can send it in a chat but then responses are emailed to you.

Very pleased with the app otherwise though.


I did ask, currently none although I’d be happy posting copies. At least that does not leave copies of my documents everywhere it passes through.

(Alex Sherwood) #742

We have a workaround for this, I’ve just asked my teammate to send you a message via our live chat.


Received and thank you, I can work with that. I have to assume you guessed who I was? :grin: