Freetrade: Free Share Trading


Well I am now the proud owner of 1 share in Gold, i feel rich already :joy:

The update worked for iPhone 5, they also cancelled the withdrawal due to update being relased today which was good.

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Sounds like good Customer Service. Glad you got sorted.

Speaking of gold. I’ve always fancied one of those small 1 or 5g gold bars from

No idea why, if I was a millionaire I’d definitely have a safe with a few of the Kilo bars in it…



Yep wasn’t expecting Freetrade to be monitoring the community, but all sorted and all good :wink:

I used to live near the royal mint was never agile enough to get through or over the security bars :wink:


I very much consider freetrade to be something that’s in an ‘alpha’ stage. In its infancy. And i treat it as such. I’m not sure freetrade place them selves in a similar position at least not explicitly publicly. but its definitely the way to look at it at the moment, its a very early in development platform with a limited number of public users having access.

I expect it will be a couple of years before i consider it to be more mature and ready for more mainstream use.

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Here’s hoping they do a Crowdfunding round!

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Most definitely not Alpha in my opinion.

Very, very limited read only access to help test US stocks for those quick enough to sign up on their community today.


Limited access, limited stocks, limited features, limited platforms. Its an alpha product, or beta. There’s some arbitrariness about those terms. That’s not a bad thing though, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it lets you be more realistic about expectations while they continue to develop the product into something more mature and eventually publicly available.

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Seems pretty solid to me, but fair enough to be cautious about financial institutions. I think apha is unfair personally, that means unreliable and buggy to me. Financial info provided feels lacking at present and I’d like limit orders but otherwise I miss little compared to incumbents. Nothing that beginners particularly need.

As far as access goes, they have a waiting list to manage demand, but if anyone wants access dm me, I have some invites left.

As far as limited selection, I actually think they have everything a beginner investor needs. Decent low cost etfs, all the major ftse stocks, many popular US stocks in January. So not v. limited unless your needs are esoteric and the low flat fees are really significant if you plan to save lots.


Well I am liking freetrade now account also sorted only just managed to spend £60 :wink:

I bought shares in Mining and physical Gold


Does it really cost you £5 to send money via faster payments… :thinking:

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I would imagine it’s not far off.

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This is similar to Monzo’s foreign ATM withdrawal fees, we’re not trying to make money here, we’re simply trying to cover our costs :money_with_wings:


Looks like Freetrade is down a trade and up an engineer!

Is Android ever coming?

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No change to the android time frame has been mentioned so still by April but probably sooner

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Given the seriousness of this, and as a shareholder in the business, I’d have expected to have received some form of response or statement from Adam on this by now, given a) Andre’s prominent position whilst he was at Freetrade and b) Revolut’s stated position to launch a competitor service.

Disappointing as it is concerning.

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There’s a bit of a discussion on the Freetrade forum on this. I think the below tweeted quote from the article sums up the situation.

I don’t get the feeling they’re too concerned about it, there’s a hint in the article about a new investment platform that they’ve been building since Andre left. Although nothing further has been announced on this yet…

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What exactly could he comment?

  1. I can’t comment
  2. I don’t give a shit
  3. Cool. Best of luck in the new job.

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:metal:t3: for the reply Rob.

But has there been any statement or response from Freetrade in that discussion, aside from ‘likes’ from company employees and their internet buddies to comments that align with the Freetrade view?

The management are regulated investment professionals, chartered accountants who have cut their teeth within two (or more) of the big four, dealing with capital markets and corporate finance. I wouldn’t have thought it too tricky for them to have dropped investors a note offering a brief primer to the situation and some reassurance to those investors that might be slightly concerned?

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It’s fine not to comment, keeps it professional. People go to competitors all the time.