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Assuming you’re a new investor, to begin with look no further than ETFs. Get up to speed with these by reading the easy to read Freetrade blogs before venturing off into the more advanced realm of individual stock picking.
Via Freetrade:

For the first time in the UK, you can now build a diversified index tracking portfolio, with no commissions or charges from your stockbroker.

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And when you become an advanced investor, you’ll realise that ETFs that track an index of the whole market are still the only thing you should look at. You’ll never be lucky enough to consistently pick “winners” yourself. Just pick the whole market.


I wish I could like this a million times.

It should be printed in bold across the top of all investment apps!

And before anyone says they’ve beaten the market over the last, 3 days, 6 months, 6 years… it’s statistical noise. Take a hundred million investors and a small proportion of them will beat the market over some periods. The number of people beating the market over 20 years is minuscule. You have more chance of meeting aliens.


Disagree with you guys. There are a small number of investors who can beat the market with a mixture of tuition and intuition.

Eg. YOU, Dave. Have you not outperformed the market in the last few years?

You could have invested in Powa or Tandem but you picked Monzo. Was that chance or did you have an intuitive feeling about Monzo?

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It would be fair to say that most people that were lucky with picking successful startups would have outperformed the market. Purely because public companies physically cannot have few hundred per cent growth in a short period unlike startups who come up with their own valuation. Monzo decided to have it as £1bn but no one would have stopped them to become £3bn overnight. Public companies do not have that luxury.

If you were to concentrate your finances on public companies only, you would have almost zero chance of outperforming the benchmark. Since the 1970s, I think, the only fund that consistently outperformed S&P 500 for 20 consecutive years was Fidelity. And there used to be thousands of “expert-managed” hedge funds with CFA qualifications, not individual investors. There is a lot about “beating the market” in John Boggle’s (Vanguard founder) Little Book of Commonsense Investing.

Bottom line, an average person will never ever in their lifetime be better off than just going 100% in MSCI World or equivalent.


I have massively outperformed the market, but that is because I was lucky enough to have access to pre-IPO tech stocks that went ballistic. It’s not an opportunity that many people get.

In my normal portfolio I haven’t outperformed and once I saw the light, I spent the last few years shifting my individual stocks to a mixture of VUKE, VWRL and VGOV - it was an extremely good move.

Crowdfunding and the like are a form of speculation - I put a very small proportion of my portfolio into them as I like to see if I can outperform, and I like tech, but I don’t bet my long term security on it.

For people investing for their financial security in later life, they should put the majority of their money into the market as a whole, statistically it is by far the safest approach. Anyone telling you otherwise is making money out of you.

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I’ve just transferred some cash over to FT. Not sure what to do next, as in what company to buy shares in. Can anyone recommend a good starting point?


I’d recommend reading the last few posts!


All in on individual stocks because my instincts will always beat the market?


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Have you read the blogs? There’s good wikis for beginner and intermediate level investors on their forum

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Just in case anyone missed, Freetrade has disclosed the list of Christmas presents to its users:

ISAs :moneybag:
US stocks :us:
Android waitlist app :robot:
Improved portfolio graph :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Better withdrawals :money_with_wings:

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If you exclude fees, stamp duty etc for a moment… Then the average investor (on a weighted average basis) will be in line with the market, 50% will have returns above the market rate, offset by 50% with returns below the makers rate.

So the problem of beating the market is due to fees, stamp duty etc, which take away from your returns… In my view! :thinking:

A sensible strategy would be to track the global markets via ETF’s with the majority of your funds, then add whatever you think will beat the market. Even if you only add one share which beats the market over the long run, then your portfolio will have ‘beaten the market’! :tada:


Anyone now if and when the Android app is going to be released? It was originally slated for late 2017…

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Early next year, definitely by April. The android waiting list app will available by Christmas

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Got access and made my first trade over the last couple of days. Freetrade is very slick although clearly an MVP for now - no US stocks yet, no marginal stocks, no notifications, etc. Looks promising and excited to see how it develops.

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Would be awesome to see some integration/collaboration with Monzo, via a pot for example…

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Something like this? :eyes:

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Or like this :slight_smile:


Anyone fancy bumping me up pretty please.

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US stock is getting closer :grin: