Freetrade: Free Share Trading




I really don’t think he is


It’s all he’s getting from me until I get it :rofl::rofl:


(Is Santa here yet?) #484

Got my first dividend payment


(Tony) #485

I’m so jealous. I’m actually quite near the front of the queue (219 I think?) but didn’t invest so I have to wait a while until I can sink my many thousands of pennies into shares in Grommets Inc.

(Simon B) #486

Got access to the app today.

Have no idea what to invest in.

I’ll just scroll the list and see what looks good, I guess.

(Matt C) #487

Thanks so much to whoever clicked my link! I have gone from being 52,000 in the queue, to 5,160 :smiley:


I went for a world tracker - if you want an intro to investing, I recommend Lars Kroijer - he guest writes for Monevator (he’s an ex hedge fund manager, who tells it how it is!)


Invest in Just Eat because @Rjevski

(Simon B) #490

Funny, I was just looking at that. That might be a good idea :joy:


All the shares are really boring on there at the moment imho - mostly ftse100 cash cows. Great if you want to invest in oil, cigarettes and legacy banks to earn some dividends, but If you’re into startups, challengers and shooting stars the best you’ll get on that list are Just Eat and Rightmove. Hopefully US markets will land soon so we can have some more interesting propositions.

Personally I’m eagerly awaiting some smaller ones like Purplebricks and all the AIM junk. That’ll make things much more interesting!

(Alex Sherwood) #492

We hear you! We’re keen to add US stocks ASAP or even :soon:


How soon is soon, though, how soon is soon…

(Christopher) #494

Yes please to AIM, and add to that Euronext, NEX and HK for all those gilded dragons. And some ETF expansion bitte, danke.


Deliverloo surely? :joy::hamburger:

(Excited about Christmas) #496

Oh dear. Sounds a bit like eToro. Do they offer an ISA, at least? If not I’ll stick with ii for now


They are 100% not like eToro :joy: the universe is a little limited at the moment, but when the US stocks land soon it will look like a real party :tada:

(Kieran) #498

Just gonna drop this here


(Christopher) #499

The real party starts when US equities become available with fractional dealing. That will put Google, Amazon, Apple etc. within reach of anyone with modest means giving them the opportunity participate in a previously hard to access market = proper financial inclusion.


If you invest in US stocks, are you effectively taking on an exchange rate risk as well as a market risk? Do individual brokers set the exchange rate?