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Also, CTE was there before me so I’m not surprised that he has access as he was likely first on the sign up list.

I only just signed up to the super early signing list as I must have overlooked it before.

(Eve) #461

I was chosen mostly because I had no investment experience (and my phone) and could provide a different sort of feedback compared to experienced investors. Freetrade is aiming to make the app accessible to everyone, especially first time investors, and a lot of work has gone into providing guides and blog posts, which I appreciate. Have you signed up to the early access list on the forum?

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I think they’re only picking from that list, so that’s probably why. Hopefully they’ll expand their rollout very soon, as it all seems to be working fine (after some initial glitches reported the first day). Exiting times for UK investors.

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Yep they wanted a wide range to cover all circumstances so age, experience, phone, sex etc

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If what you are suggesting he is saying is true then it’s a complete and utter lie based on groundless speculation

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I never said it was true. I just asked if that is what he meant.

I’m glad Freetrade have launched. I’m happy to see customers using the platform. I’m in no rush to get access myself. But it is a shame to see such long term community members (people who have been followers for 1 year+) not being given the chance to get their hands on the app as soon as practically possible. I believe there are 40 customers onboarded now. So it’s going well. Hopefully they will scale operations in order to onboard these people soon.:soon::man_shrugging:

If you’ve been following Freetrade for as long as I have - maybe you would also feel the same way. Unfortunatly you havnt.

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Maybe. I know I am classed as an early adopter, one of the first 256 to download the app according to a message Viktor sent in app 19 weeks ago and was looking at the forum a long before I actually signed up to it (end of April I think)

(Chris) #467

That’s nice. Congratulations.

If this is a situation of who’s done more. I’ll happily spill out a lot of stuff.
I’m a round 1 investor (2 years ago), defended them on crowdcube from Trolls at every round. Supported them all the way. Invested in round 2 and round 3. I joined them for several social meets, and we all got a long brilliantly, I was a forum leader (for 3 months) as soon as the forum was created and I was told by Viktor I would have early priority access at test stage. (I’m a round 1 investor so I should have early access anyway after the testers)

I fell out of favour by asking a few tricky questions and got angry and was abit self destructive. And I am now banned from their forum.

But as I say - I’m not asking for early access; I sold my right away when I got destructive. But I do find it strange how others who have been around for as long as I have didn’t get priority.

Just food for thought.


From an outsiders POV - I invested in R3 (I think) - But haven’t been following the forum as closely as others (hardly at all - Although I was registered from the start :smiley: ).

If Freetrade only have experienced traders (the types who have been following Freetrade for a long time), on the early access part, then they’ll get a very one sided view of how things are.

I imagine most of the staff have a good understanding of trading (you’d hope!), so it could possibly be difficult to get opinions of the uneducated.

I would class myself as uneducated when it comes to trading, so I’m hoping those people who are currently testing the app (who have little knowledge of it), can raise UI/UX issues before it gets to me.

Just a thought of course (although I’d love to give it a go myself!)


I don’t think being a long time follower equates to being an experienced trader. There may be an association between the two but it certainly isn’t true that long time follower types are anything close to being classified as experienced traders/investors.

Other than this, I understand the sampling selections they are taking for super early testing.

(Andrew Clark) #471

This is a serious accusation and the smiley faces don’t make it less so. Step away from the keyboard.


Oh, absolutely - I’m a prime example of that, although I wonder if I’m even considered a long term follower?

Although I still think the majority of people who have been following FT for a long time (before the forum was set up), are more likely to be semi experienced when it comes to trading.

Again, just my opinion - I could be completely wrong.


Didn’t pay any attention to what happened with you over there. However, as someone who is partial to saying shit, upsetting people (often after a couple of pints) and receiving “can you not do that” messages from Alex, I wholeheartedly support you and hope @alexs @v18n let you back into the club. :sunglasses:

It takes all sorts to make a great community. Look at Monzo. They even have that guy whose every post starts with “I’m not a user and I don’t like your product but…” - and it’s a truly great community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Chris) #474

@rarther I 100% agree with you. And it is a great community over there. That’s why I spent so long writing my articles and my content; as I wanted the forum to be a really engaged one - that was a great place to be.

I never actually got banned but asked for an account deletion. Which in turn meant that I was no longer allowed to return to the community. I actually thought they meant I wasn’t allowed to return on that same account (seeing as it is deleted - obviously). Not that I was banned for life :man_facepalming: hindsight eh?

Any way - I have been told several times that my wording always come across as aggressive; even when I don’t mean it to be seen that way.
So when I do write posts like earlier they tend to come across in the wrong way.

Speculating what I did in my previous post was not defamatory or atleast wasn’t meant to seem that way. I was merely pointing out some facts.

And that is; people who are new to the forum; inexperienced investors; friends of the club; did get priority. But the reasons stated by Viktor are perfectly acceptable as to why this happened. Of course they want a diverse range of testers to test a brand new product. They also wanted a range of ages; sex; and tech hardware. Which I feel is the smart thing to do.

I was merely highlighting that it would have been nice for some of the old guard; to have had testing access too. Seeing as they have been waiting the longest; invested earlier than the majority; and have been engaged in the community the longest.

It was in no way meant to be a hostile message- nor was it meant to be “defamation” as stated above.

Obviously if it was seen that way - I apologise.

I congratulate Freetrade and the team over there for launching on the date they promiced, I’m pleased they have been able to onboard almost 50 customers in such a short time scale (far more than I thought would be on by now); and I hope that with time bridges can be rebuilt.

I’m critical because I care. I care for the community and the company and I want to see it do exceptionally well. At the end of the day im an investor.

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Be a radiator, not a drain.

(Rob) #476

100 more users are being added tomorrow! Then more users will be added weekly on Tuesday’s going forward :tada:



That is all

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It’s launch day :tada: :tada: :tada:

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I’d really appreciate it if someone could help bump me up by signing up via my link


I would, but…