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I think this is a private discussion and not for a public forum.

Also. Why did you like the post you took a screenshot of? Doesn’t make sense to me.


IFor greater context: the reply below in bold was in reference to the now removed post in which Freetrade asked an investor, community member and all round supporter of their business to remove a post they deemed unhelpful. Failure to comply with that request to remove would result in a place on the naughty step for a week, i.e. no community access.

My reply is an expression of concern over the nature of such censorship as an investor and user of Freetrade’s services. My original post makes more sense within the context of further contributions to the replies in thread below.

Holy cow!

Missing some context here, but that is absolutely not cool on the part of Freetrade. You cannot just shut down a user because they disagree with you. It’s an abuse of position surely…

As an investor in Freetrade this is very concerning.


Clearly not. As I made reference to the rest of your post by saying I don’t think it’s for public discussion.


What did you actually post?


It wasn’t an impassioned defence of Freetrade investors, the context has been changed completely here (unless I missed more posts but I was on their forum at the time so I doubt it). A quick edit would have solved this whole thing before it started :woman_shrugging:

@CGGW what did you actually say to get your account suspended?

I think you could be right! Chris has had one of his posts censored in the past, which was also handled incredibly badly by Freetrade, so was this his final warning?

And may I add a broader point? We live in a country (thank god) where freedom of expression (within the confines of the law) is a right that has been hard fought for.

I’d rather not occupy or participate in a space in which moderators of a forum become arbiters in what they consider to be acceptable conversation on the basis that they simply don’t like something. Wumao anyone? No thanks!

There are literally thousands of replies on this and many other forums I disagree with and do not have too much time for. Do I want those posts removed or silenced? Absolutely not. They can add to debate, widen a narrow focus and change my own perspective on things. And when they don’t do these things, I just choose to ignore them rather than feigning gross offense and opting to descend into an argument in which I must win, at. All. COSTS, which is so often the case here. (Which by the way is a total buzzkill).

So, did @CGGW break a law, defame any entity or act in an uncivilised way? Or was he simply expressing a view that a business (or individual) did not like and was therefore censored. If so, so much for transparency!

I have a fair exposure to Freetrade as an investor. It matters immensely to me that they do the right thing, after all, they claim to be a challenger financial services firm, and being a challenger isn’t about having an app, giving away socks and paying lip service to doing things differently. It’s about walking the actual walk.


Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to online communities with a code of conduct. All part of building and maintaining a healthy community.

Can see why they wouldn’t want him based on this, don’t know what he did before


Hey Chris, it is indeed a shame suspension has taken place as you are one of the most significant community contributors from its inception and definitely one of Freetrade’s first community members which is admirable on its own.

But looking at the context of the message, Alex has merely expressed an opinion which is objectively hard to disagree with - Crowdcube investors are sometimes the ones that have limited knowledge of the business environment and/or markets and simple invest £10 because why not, maybe it will work out (I have many acquaintances that are like this - cannot criticise their approach but would not call sophisticated either). Most certainly it is not the case for yourself and many people here (fintech followers are often sophisticated by default unless the follow Revolut).

However, publicly calling a Freetrade member naive in this context [to me] unfairly undermines their professional credibility and experience in a non-constructive way. It is also not contributing to the actual subject either, hence brings no value to the community per se. I would have thought that if the same was said in private, there would have been no repercussions and maybe there could be a chance to figure out Alex’s genuine reasoning behind what was said. But it does not seem like that was the intention in the first place, rather ad hominem in the argument which people can deem offensive.


I’m not going to comment on the suspension issue. I think that’s a matter between you and Freetrade. I don’t think it should be discussed on Monzo’s community.

But it does seem to me to be unnecessary to take offence at the notion that some Crowdcube investers are not ‘sophisticated’. Some Crowdcube investors clearly don’t understand the nature of investing. This is clear every time there is a collapse of a firm backed by Crowdcube investors and you get investors moaning and asking for their money back. Obviously this doesn’t mean that all Crowdcube investors are like this.

As an aside, I don’t think the term sophisticated investor is particularly helpful. All it really means, in the self-certified case, is someone has ticked a box on a form.


Exactly, do you expect freedom of expression in my living room?

Online communities belong to someone, their rules apply.

Having said that, I think I remember the original post and I think Freetrade handled it badly.


The problem with Freetrade is they have not yet formulated a robust code of conduct for their online community. This has been an oversight on their part that I’d hoped (hope) @alexs will address in his new role.


But still, I wouldn’t expect to have to give visitors to my house a code of conduct, I’d expect them to be sensitive to the fact that it’s my place and not to shout about freedom of speech if I ask them to desist from saying something I find unacceptable.


Now you’re just being unreasonable in such a stance. The analogy you’re using is a poor one in opinion. Sure Freetrade creates a “house” in making an online community, but such a house would be lifeless without the contributors such as Chris et al. Therefore, the “host” must be conscious of the value of the the “guests” and at the very least have ground rules for being on the “premises”. Otherwise, you get unfavourable outcomes where the moderator acts as a judge, jury and executioner without a line item to cite from a mutually understood guideline.


We’ll just have to agree to disagree - if it was my forum I would be judge jury and executioner, take it or leave it.

Sure - then it’s a good thing it isn’t your forum :wink:


Hey all, let’s try to keep this on-topic to discuss the Freetrade app and service. I don’t think this is the place to settle moderation disputes from their community.

I’ve removed one of the above posts. Let’s get back on topic below.




Freetrade finally launched today to a select group of testers. Head over to their forum to see how it’s going, they have 57,000 users waiting to sign up, and are likely to try the same high growth strategy as Monzo: