Freetrade: Free Share Trading


Here is mine:


Thanks! Would be good if we got a little chain going :grinning:

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I’ve dropped 1 place today and I’m not happy so if someone could use mine that’d be great :grin:

(Michael) #397

May aswell jump in with the rest :slight_smile:


I dropped three places, use mine!

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I’m almost 4000 places below you though so I’m more in need


Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:


Not to be the resident grouch, perhaps these would be better in a dedicated thread?

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I was presuming that when the service properly launched there would be a new feedback thread on it :man_shrugging:t3:


Me next me next!


Loving the enthusiasm :rocket::+1:


It’d be hypocritical for me to post my own link, now, right? :wink:

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It would be great if people used mine first… just saying :sweat_smile:

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You will forever be followed by someone ringing the shame bell

I’ve fallen 5 more places :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: and another 3. Falling faster than the Hang Seng index. Maybe they’re boosting their investors for the launch?

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Let me just put this down here a minute, my hands are full.


Just in case anyone happened to invest in a freetrade crowdfunding round, you’ll automatically get catapulted to the front of the queue soon after the public roll out starts (18 Sept). So no need to post your links to move up the queue if you did invest. Better to let others gain the referrals. I assume this applies to investors in any of the crowdfunding rounds.

EDIT: I might be wrong about the above. If you are an investor it might depend on what round you invested in, so it might be worth double checking the process with Freetrade if this might apply to you.

This is an excerpt from an email I received at the end of July (bold emphasis added by me). I invested in 2016.

We won’t move your position within the queue. Instead, once we’re ready for external customers, we’ll simply lift you directly out of the queue and enable your investing accounts.

You’ll probably see some movement in the queue in the next couple of weeks as we institute queue jumps: a different reward in our latest round.

But you don’t need to worry, because no matter where you are, you’ll get lifted out and have access before everyone else on the queue, including anyone who had a jump. :sunglasses:

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We’re not :innocent: looks like the competition’s heating up as we get closer to the launch :sweat_smile:

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Think I’m going to have to keep my fingers crossed for the super early test phase at this rate :crossed_fingers:


Well done, by the way, @alexs on the new gig. Congrats are overdue! :partying_face: