Freelance web developers - how did you find clients?

I agree with @TR1 brand identity is number 1. Your website and brand need to stand out and be on point because otherwise why would another company trust you with theirs?

Sounds harsh but it’s what I found when I was freelance. Otherwise you attract lots of dreamers, time wasters and those who expect something for next to nothing.

I’d also look into some CMS systems (like Wordpress) because people like the idea of being able to do bits of updates themselves. This is a big selling point because they don’t have to pay you every time they want some words changing :wink:

Lastly. Word of mouth is what got me by too, it just starts snowballing from there. To start with though I’d approach those who use email addresses for their business, but be prepared for a long battle because this is a sign that they’re not that tech savvy and won’t see the need for a website :smiley:

I’d also look at doing some small freebies to build up your portfolio so you can show people what you can offer them. Perhaps some charities or very small local businesses who would like a 1 page design?


Thanks! I’ll look at charities.

I do a lot of work with Wordpress, however haven’t got too much experience designing for them. I’ll take a look at that.

Thanks for your help!

Hi all again! Hope all is well. Just finished working on a demo for a restaurant/bar/club site. Has a background video in the header, but is still a fast and lightweight site. Going to look around for these businesses and offer ones without a site/an old site it for £5 or so. Struggling to find them as most only have a phone number and no email.

You can check it here:

What should I add/change?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You need an image on there for mobile because it’s just a black background.

If you’re planning on using the one that’s already in your source code ( then this needs optimising as it’s massive :slight_smile:

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That’s something I’m struggling to do, it would be a lie if I didn’t say that. Working on it now.

That image is just a place holder to try and sort the issue. I’m working locally atm and the site isn’t public yet (not on my portfolio).

Thanks :smiley:
Managed to get a few via Reddit. Completed one today, got two in the queue who I’m waiting to send the resources over.

Selling them really cheap to build up to portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent, glad to hear you’re breaking into the market.

It goes without saying, but just make sure you continue to offer these £5 customers the same degree of service and support as hypothetical £200 customer in the future, these will be some of your biggest early advocates.

Absolute best of luck with it.


I would actually recommend charging £50 rather than £5. Psychologically, a fiver looks a bit cheap. £50 is still a bargain for a website but it appears a bit more professional. It’s the whole Goldilocks pricing thing… given a choice of a £5 website, a £50 website or a £500 website, most people would plump for the middle one, which is “just right” (not too cheap and not too expensive).


Yep I do. I don’t offer continued support, as I don’t want to build a cheap site and then have to add to it every day. So I say that I send them the product and unless they find an issue with the version I sent they have to hire me again.

I’d like to but don’t have the access or reach. I’ve only built them for one person and have three in the queue. Can’t charge much as not many people know me.

Thanks for the help and support :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would tell people you’re happy to provide ongoing support at £X per hour. That way they don’t feel bad pestering you in future and they’re clear about what it’ll cost them.

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True but I’m still in school so I don’t want to dedicate too much time. But yes I’ll probably do that :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Just upgraded my homepage to be a little more eye catching and slick.

What do you think? Does it run fine on your PC and phone? Thanks :slight_smile: