Free UK landline phone numbers

From a quick look, it looks like you can get a mobile number from Andrews & Arnold for about £1.20/month (if you’re going to do some searching around, be careful of websites that offer free 0709 numbers as the 0709 prefix charges money to the people calling it).

As for integrating with iOS natively… maybe, I’m not an apple user for my mobile (use iOS on an ancient iPad 2) but from my experience apple have things locked down a little bit too much for completely native integration (although it should still ring normally and feel close to native depending on the sip client app that you use).

For what you want I’d take a look at Dave’s sudo suggestion, took a look and signed up myself to have a quick play around with it, very nice stuff and it integrates natively with iOS if you get a call while the phone is locked (although it’s still only landline numbers… to be honest I doubt you’d have much trouble handing these out for “work and finance stuff” and, if you did it usually only takes a second to say that it always goes through to your mobile :slight_smile: )

Edit: Vyke looks good too, haven’t tried them but it looks like they may offer mobile numbers? Around £0.99 a month I think.


iOS 11 (or possibly iOS 10) allowed native integration for calls (voice and video) so would be good to have a service doing the same. Great summary though thank you.

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Yeah, sorry just did a bit more testing with sudo and found it integrated nicely when my iPad was locked (stuck to iOS 10 because it’s 32-bit…) made an edit to my post.

vyke gives mobile numbers and is .99 per month or 6.99 for 12 months

integrates nicely with iOS