Fraud will never stop

Don’t know where or who got my details, but someone got my old hot coral card details -_-



Just hide the transactions - your old card is blocked?

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I have hidden the notification - it was my old card before I got the Burnt Coral one I think

This shipeasyhere one looking awfully similar to yours @andrew_fishy


It’s not much about having the balls to do anything about it, there needs to be facts, not just a few online coincidentally having attempts on what seems a bulk of reused (virtual finite) cards.

I was a " Victim " of this too, most likely Lyca. I will be safe using my new ( replacement ) Monzo card right ?

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What more proof can you possibly have without Lyca admitting it?

What’s the chance that multiple people on these relatively tiny communities in regard to the size of Lycas customer base, get attempts on virtual cards only used on Lyca at the same merchants and at the same time period? It’s slim to none

I’ll happily accept that my device was compromised if it was just me or even only 3 people, but nah there’s too many coincidences here

I looked at how Lycas website handles card payments before, they don’t send you to the gateway to checkout. Your card details are submitted directly to their Wordpress backend (likely managed by the cheapest, outsourced devs) and from there you have to rely on them encrypting them properly, and a cheap outsourced dev not adding in a line of code to siphon them off

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You’re safe, only the card details were compromised, hopefully not name/address

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Honestly was suspicious of Lyca from the start. Id get random sms messages just after signing up and I hadn’t even given my number to anyone as I only used it for data.
Thankfully I saw the active card check and blocked my card straight away.

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Phone numbers are also finite, and get reused after so many years.

You’re jumping to conclusions though, and disgruntled about it and seeking something to blame.

They’ve historically held their hands up about an attack, what would you want them to do?

“Ok, we fucked up, here’s £5 apology”.

Block your card, move on.

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Are we talking about the same company? During their last attack they left their customers in the dark without service, refused to let people move out and people lost lifetime numbers which they tried to port in during this time

I’m expecting Lyca to advise people to cancel their cards as a matter of urgency so that people don’t lose money and time contacting banks because of their incompetence

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But you’ve already done that?

Surely they don’t need to teach you how to suck eggs?

Yes, they confirmed it publicly, and yes the same company.

It could be Lyca, it could just be that everyone coincidentally has similar card numbers produced by fraudster machines and got sold/abused online.

Who knows.

My account hasn’t been compromised, they have my card details, albeit a virtual linked to crypto balances - no fraudulent attempts here.

Is it Lyca?

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I have 10 virtual monzo cards, only one of them was affected. 1/10 odds. I go onto ISPReview, Monzos forum and Twitter and find other people with virtual cards named “Lyca Temp” with attempted fraud at the same merchants

What are the odds? You could be right, but if so I’m making a guess this would’ve been exploited a long time ago… this is my first time ever having fraud attempted

What about the unsolicited sms messages I was getting after about a week into having a Lyca eSIM ? Perhaps random or could they have been breached a month or so ago ?

My virtual card solely gets used for phone subs, Lyca has them.

No attacks here.

They were likely unrelated, people spray out SMSs to random numbers all the time, and your Lyca number was likely freshly recycled


:man_shrugging:t3: the number could have been dormant in some system for years and it’s just unfortunate when you started the account you get them.

It’s easy to generate mobile numbers, easier than card numbers.

I’ve had this on “new” numbers in the past, weirdly when I was mostly ever on Three.

Like I said I agree with you if it was just me. Just my virtual card being breached is more likely proof of me installing something dodgy than Lyca having a breach…

But the fact that other Lyca users are having the same issue with the same merchants on the same day is too much of a coincidence for me

Can we atleast agree that it’s clearly the person/people people attempting to the fraud? Even if the source of the card details are in question?