Fraud Accounts

In the fincrime post of Apr 18 it said. Not be possible to signup with a fake ID. I question this as I have recently experienced two Monzo accounts being used for fraud.

Thus on what basis is it not possible to sign up with fake ID. What stops change of face in a passport photo to match that being photographed by the phone when creating an account. Else the account being used immediately identify fraudsters.

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Banks have access to HM Passport Office passport database and the DVLA driving licence database to cross reference accounts with passports/driving licences. Banks also have technology to detect subtle alterations to a passport image hence why they want a photograph taken within the app not just an uploaded one. They also have facial recognition to detect people attempting to play the system by changing their appearance.

Edit: I forgot also that there are the credit reference agencies to check against and verify details stated within the application.


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