Found a way to deposit cash higher than the limits

Ok I’ve found a way to deposit cash much higher than the limits
£500 per transaction with unlimited transactions

Just use the PayPal app and top up PayPal with cash and the withdraw to Monzo

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Or pay cash in to account that you can use at post office ie starling and transfer it over


Is there an article somewhere explaining how to add cash to PayPal account?

I never knew that you could add cash to your PayPal account either. Would also be interested in hearing how it is done.

I’ve found a way, too. Use a high street bank to deposit cash, and transfer it to Monzo. It’s free, too.

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Here. I don’t think it works in U.K. though.

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@anon1094746 could you clarify if you are doing this in UK or US?

Never heard of a ‘PayPal Cash Plus’ account either so I think you might be right.

Although in the US they don’t have PayPoint (I think) so they wouldn’t be able to deposit cash into their accounts anyway regardless of the limits? :thinking: