‘Forwarding’ payments

Often friends will pay me money in order for me to pass the payment onto my other friend(s) (particularly for one off payments where it is not worth getting their bank details themselves). The ability to ‘forward’ payments onto other people would be a useful feature.

Would be fantastic for money muling


Do you know what the payments are for? I hope so!

Sounds like a great way to get your account locked. Would look highly suspicious, especially if the other accounts aren’t Monzo.

Politely suggest you tell your friend to get the bank details of the people they want to pay directly, and stop acting as the intermediary. It’s not normal behaviour to act as a go–between.


Don’t think this is a weird request at all.

E.g. the other day I bought cinema tickets for a few people. One had to drop out. I invited someone else, who then paid me, and I then sent that money onto the person who had dropped out.

Another scenario is if I’m out for dinner/drinks with a group of friends but perhaps not all of them are actually individual friends. Say a direct friend of mine ends up owing something to one of my other friends but they’re not friends themselves. Friend A can send me £10 straight away and I can send onto Friend B.

In both of those scenarios, would def be helpful to have a ‘pay this amount’ button on the transaction.

Not thought about this much myself before, and easy enough to just make a payment, but would def be a handy feature sometimes!


I’m with @j06 on this. It’s up to Friend A and Friend B to sort it out. R-


I wouldn’t favour a “feature” like this either.

It’d be so open to abuse.

And then more threads about how their bank account got blocked :man_facepalming:


Without getting too bogged down in the details of the actual request i have a slightly different use case that this would work for.

Say for example i get paid back for something by my sister and shell send back the money to my monzo but id rather it go to my marcus.

It would be good if i could click into the transaction and be able to “forward” it to my savings account without having to go into the pay section, select the account, type the amount, select a reference etc.

Same for pots, sometimes id like to “forward” a pot withdrawal to a friend or similarly “forward” a transaction amount to a pot without having to fill everything in