Formula 1

They should just leave it as is and find a way to display it broken. It tells a story.

I can’t help but think though, this wouldn’t have happened if they just used one of those Heineken star trophies…


For anyone planning to do the whole VPN/F1TV - they appear to have had a crackdown on it over the last few days: Reddit - Dive into anything

I can’t access anymore. There are probably some ways around it, but definitely more off a faff…

You’re not missing much at the moment. Too much rain.

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Ah… hopefully not a repeat of 2 or 3 years ago

I have it on good authority that if your VPN can make a double VPN tunnel it still works. :wink:

Seems a bit more hit and miss now but by the time the sprint race came around single connection via France worked as well. Tested on iPhone and FireTV stick.

Hmm. Are you using a lesser known VPN by any chance? I assumed they had just gone and blocked a large number of IPs associated with VPNs. I got it to work in the end using a smart DNS - not sure how long that’ll last.

One of the biggest actually. Nord.

When everyone started posting about the block I struggled to get it working, as you say I think a lot of IPs got blocked. I wonder if the VPN companies just found a workaround since it seems (a little) better now. Guess time will tell.

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This is the way. No speed loss and more reliable for unblocking services.

Well the other way is sailing the seas which works just as well.

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Vegas - success or fail?

I literally do not care about the spectacle of it all. What I’m here for is the absolute curveball the conditions are going to throw this weekend.

I’m looking forward to it, I think it’s going to be a real event. But I’m also worried I’ll accidentally miss it because I’ll forget it’s on stupid early Sunday morning (late Saturday night US time).

I think it’s going to be an absolute disaster. Racing will be terrible and it’ll still be hyped up as amazing afterwards.

Yeah I agree. The cold temperatures could make things interesting. I think visually it’ll look pretty cool though, with all the neon lights etc.

I’m looking forward to Vegas, I love the early morning races, and it’s a new venue so it’s something different. Ain’t looked too much into track, weather conditions etc but it’s the end of season and Max has title won long ago, so it’s a nice end of season spectacle.

The BrawnGP documentary on Disney+ is far more appealing than the race in Vegas.


Waking up, reading the news and being happy you didn’t get up early for FP1.

Disappointed, but not surprised.

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Not sure it can be written off just yet. Most tracks have teething issues. But definitely not a good look! Maybe they used all their budget on the hunger games style hydraulic lifts.

Seriously cool.

Watched qualifying this morning. Spent the first third of it being surprised at how little of Vegas could be seen. The track lights were so bright that all the backgrounds were pitch black.

Turned out this was obviously something the directors realised also, as during the second third there were a lot more high or long shots rather than track level shots, so the track action could be seen in context and suddenly it looked a lot more impressive.

By the time of the last third the directors had obviously managed to figure out their angles as they were able to throw in some track-level shots that were angled enough to avoid the direct lighting and so allowing some of the hotels and casinos to break through and appear in the background. Not just the drivers learning the fact, clearly :sweat_smile:

Such a shame for Ferrari that the stewards’ hands were tied. And such a shame for the sport that a driver contemptuous of the track and not wholly confident of his car was able to harness the inherent advantages to stick it on the front of the grid anyway.

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Well, that was probably the most entertaining F1 event I’ve seen for quite some time.
Shame Lewis had a puncture otherwise it could have been even more exciting.

The penalty thing has me scratching my head. Max gets a 5sec and wins. George gets a 5sec and finishes below a struggling Lewis :man_shrugging: Timing and fortune I guess.

BTW - did anyone catch the Martin Brundle pre-race grid walk, where he desperately searched for celebs to ‘interview’? Gawd, that was another-level-cringe

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