Formula 1

Woke up at 5.55am and watched the whole thing. Could’ve just woken up at my usual time and watched the last three laps. :rofl:


Bloody hell. How were the photographers allowed in the pit lane when Ocon was still to pit? It nearly went a bit Carmageddon there :grimacing:

Someone’s going to be in the shit and no mistake.

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Absolutely nuts. At the time I couldn’t believe it. Thankfully they all manage to get out the way! Also, how did he leave so late to pit. Later than Albon I think last season. Maybe was going for a latest pit stop ever stat……!

Gambling on a safety car coming out at some point like Haas did.

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Perhaps the problem is those in charge of organising this part probably don’t understand or follow racing and therefore had no concept of pit stop occurring so late in the race.
I don’t understand why race control hasn’t closed the pit lane to allow people to block the track within the pit entry.

Isn’t the first time its happened either, happened in Aus only a couple of years ago for the same reason, team was hoping for a safety car.

It’s great to see the FIA have learnt from that incident.

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The FIA.

Ah, yes. The FIA are famously clueless about this aren’t they.

To be completely clear, that is indeed what Ocon has his team were originally gambling on. Then there was a point they could have accepted the gamble hadn’t paid off and pitted before carrying on racing, but they missed that.

After that point, the only thing they could hope for was a red flag - and therefore a no-penalty tyre change - because putting would result in a drop of positions with no chance of recovery.

That’s why they left it to the very last moment to pit, to give every chance for the red flag to happen. There was no flag, and that was the last chance to put before being disqualified. So finally Ocon pitted.

Given that the team involved knew Ocon hadn’t pitted, and Sky knew Ocon hadn’t pitted, one could reasonably argue that the FIA should know this too.


it is pretty miraculous there wasn’t a red flag, especially with how both those red bulls were driving, you just know the mechanics were on tender hooks waiting for that one barrier kiss that was a little too hard

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Or is the literal correction a moo point?


Well, you learn something new everyday! Only taken 25yrs of me saying it wrong to find out :rofl:

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While we’re at it, don’t forget “for all intensive purposes” :wink:

So, how long is it going to take for management to do the thing that’s glaringly obvious to everyone looking on and cancel the race?

I imagine discussions about costs, insurance and postponement are going to push an announcement to be much later than it should be meaning that lots of extra people are in the area that the emergency services really don’t need!

At this point, even if they do decide to go on, I guess a change to the weekend’s format will be necessary as the teams will be behind on garage and car builds.

I’ve seen talks on Twitter that they might propose cancelling just Friday to let the waters subside

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They’ll wait until the last possible minute.

Remember, Australia 2000 was on cancelled on the morning it was supposed to start.

And Belgium a few years back they didn’t even bother cancelling, just ran an absolutely safety car farce of a ‘race’.

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It’s a breathe of fresh air to see them take control and make the right decision early on for once


The decision was very much made for them



Read my reply prior to my last, they could have decided to leave it till closer to Friday

I would think even then, it wouldn’t be back to normal overnight enough to be able to support a few hundred thousand spectators and the strain that would put on the surrounding area. Plus if the ground is waterlogged and there was some unexpected rain it’d potentially just cause more flash floods while everyone was there, which would be even worse.


How have you been finding this?

I have a Sky Sports promo offer coming to an end. I won’t need Sky Sports for anything other than F1 until the autumn, so might give F1 TV a try over the summer instead of renewing Sky Sports now. Is it simply a case of connecting via VPN to subscribe and watch or is there more to it than that? Can you stream from two devices simultaneously?