Former Prepaid Account looking to upgrade


I was a Monzo Prepaid customer in 2017, and was living abroad during the transfer over to current accounts, and decided not to upgrade during that time. I have since returned to the UK, but my personal details (phone number and address) have changed since I had my prepaid account.

I would love to join back with Monzo, but cannot upgrade my account as I don’t have my old phone number. I have contacted support inside the app two days ago, but have received no reply, and also email with no reply.

I have all of my details handy, and can privately verify my identity, to access my account and start using Monzo again!
Please let me know if I’m asking in the wrong place!

Unfortunately only the team at Monzo can help via in app chat or Response times are a bit on the slow side this now so best advice is just to hang tight and wait for a reply.

@BethS you able to help at all?

Not sure what the official advice is but I’d use a different email address and open a new account. It’s a different product after all

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No need to use a new email :ok_hand:

You can login using your old email and sign up through the app - there should be a way to upgrade. Have you tried that?

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So, I have tried to upgrade, but as I said in my post I am not able to upgrade as I don’t have my former mobile number any more, which means I cannot do two factor authentication. In the upgrade process it asks for your mobile number, to which it sends you a code to enter in, and then it verifies that the code and the mobile number on file match - which they don’t because I no longer have that mobile number. I hope that makes sense!

Hence, I need a Monzo staff member to update my information so that I can upgrade. I have everything available including my card number!

DM’d you to look into it :ok_hand: