Forgotten Password-broken link(NOT Monzo related)

I’ve got an issue with the beauty that is Circuit laundry,
I’ve forgotten my password and thought I’d change it.
The forgotten password link in the App is broken so I’ve contacted them.
I’m curious as to whether if my account was compromised(It probably never would be)
Whose liability is to make sure the account is secure?
Mine because I forgot my password.
Or circuit for not doing due diligence and having a broken link in the App

Have you tried changing your password on their website ?

They’re one of those special companies that have two different accounts on for their apps and one for their website…

:thinking: so your account on their website doesn’t exist?

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It quite an amazingly stupid system,especially in the 21 century.
I don’t quite understand how they’ve designed a system like this

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They have very bad reviews about the app. I don’t use them myself, but it doesn’t look good. Maybe try from a different phone that runs a different operating system. Maybe their app is only broken in one of them. :thinking:

I put it in an APK and the loaded it on my VM it looks like the Forgotten Password thing is a placeholder.
I have to use it as I’m uni and they seem to be the supplier(their refunds policy is even worse)

:exploding_head: you probably have to wait until they get back to you then. :weary: super annoying.

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Its actually quite amazingly bad :rofl:

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