Foreign Transactions

(thakker) #1

Thanks for the latest update which shows the FX rate. It would be useful to also link in compareables to show savings as a result of using the Mondo card and at the end of the month have a stat somewhere to show total monthly and annual savings from using Mondo

(Evan Davis) #2

The new display is great! However is it possible to go beyond 2 decimal places? 4 would be ideal :slight_smile:

(thakker) #3

Agreed on 4 decimal places and ideally in the main transactions screen if possible for ease of reference

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

Thanks a lot for that feedback, you both are totally right, we’ll try to add a few more decimal places to the FX rate :slight_smile:

Regarding the “saved fees” it’s a tricky one because we don’t know what other bank do you use, but we’ve started to explore it though.

(thakker) #5

Thanks Hugo agreed. How about the usual suspects people go to and the feeds that are easier accessed like Post Office and Thomas Cook. Just used as a benchmark…