Foreign currency transaction amounts differ in detail and summary view

In process of asking with customer service, but thought I’d raise this concern more widely - in case it chimes with others. It seems so obviously out of kilter that I can’t see what I have dome wrong, if anything.

I needed to purchase a bit of software, priced in dollars. This would be reclaimed. The transaction got processed, with the $ amount provided and GBP amount in grey to indicate provisional. I later see that the amount is now firmed up in black. However now there’s discrepancy with the amount in the timeline summary and the amount in the transaction detail. I now don’t know which to believe for claiming the expenditure back.

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Is the discrepancy in dollars or in pounds?

Solution as been highlighted. User misunderstanding of the effects of rounding. Initial transaction has a rounding element - when transaction finalised, this has often varied, resulting in a non-obvious variation of the rounding. Ouch. No defect at all - just incomplete understanding.


I think currency discrepancy occurs when a money withdrawal is rejected by user on ATM. I suspect that those transactions are not handled well for foreign currencies in trip su

mmary view.

As a software engineer, I think the reporter is right. I was in Zurich for a few days last week. Actually in transactions, the currency conversion rate was correct (GBP/CHF ~ 1.27). However, in trip summary, it is approximately 1.41, which is nosense.

I am attaching a screenshot to prove. Monzo developers, please do not hesitate to ask for personal data to me.

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