Foreign Banks offering UK current account

I was thinking of which account providers were avaliable that aren’t e money style, or part of CASS. Foreign banks that have links with another country for FX/remittance but they do still have current account services in the UK…

An example might be:

Bank of China,

Al Rayan


Fineco you could perhaps consider similar?

Afaik Al Rayan and BOC need human interaction but ICICI seem to allow in app opening - perhaps one for the enthusiasts?

Any others?

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Anything coming to mind? These accounts seem to be a bit off piste

State Bank of India are another - but it’s branch or post only…

I would want my bizarre hobby to stay in an online medium if possible :joy:

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I’m very confused by the topic title and the first post. Are we asking what foreign banks operate in the UK and allow residents to sign up?

If so I’d be interested (also in requirements and potential complications)

More or less - foreign banks with uk current accounts, the services are probably used for remittance payments primarily

Eg Bank of China or ICICI

The latter being the only one I’ve been able to identify as an online application

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Have tidied the OP up a bit

Interesting. I guess I’m confused by the use of remittance here. Remittance is just the making of a payment so all bank accounts are for that purpose.

What makes these different?

Within financial services, the term remittance relates more to foreign exchange & international payments usually

E.g. Remitly, World Remit are remittance providers

The banks here are probably used by foreign nationals as they offer preferential remittance services in a particular currency e.g. rupee, renminbi.

Does Handelsbanken count? You won’t be able to sign up online though, they’re apparently very picky about who they will take on as customers and you need to arrange an in-branch meeting to open an account.

My ICICI query regarding hard or soft search has gone off to a relevant team #revolutstyle

Please report back once you find out!

“If” I find out might be more appropriate :joy:

Will do

Can’t find any images of the card online!

ICICI at least a month later doesn’t show up with any credit reference agencies as an account for me - nor any searches soft or otherwise

I told them to cancel my application, so can’t help there sorry