Forecast take home pay from varying hours

This might be a bit big / niche.
I was quite good at budgeting when I received a consistent pay packet. But now I work contract and don’t get paid for leave, I’m finding it hard to start budgeting when I’m not even sure how much my future pay packets will be.

I made this little prototype where you just fill in your planned leave for future pay periods, and it calculates your net pay for those periods (taking in your gross-to-date and tax code), might also work for casual/shift workers who get/set a roster in advance. It would be good if it integrated with existing calendar/roster things people might use, but I don’t know about that sort of thing.

Anyway, just a thought!

Whilst I don’t think this will fit your particular use case (unpaid leave) I am a shift worker and find this app very useful to quickly forecast my take-home pay:

UK Salary Calculator 2018-19 by James Still

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