Force Touch + Apple Touch ID

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #1

In the current software version, if you go to pay a frequently used contact through the force touch function on the app icon, it doesn’t take you to the payment screen post-Touch ID verification. It just takes you straight to the transaction listing which means the force touch shortcut isn’t a shortcut at all. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

(Investor) #2

Seems to work for me.

(Rika Raybould) #3

Yes, though I neglected to report it as I think I’ve reported enough issues between the Android and iOS apps recently!

To reproduce on app version 1.9.0 #282, open Monzo, close it out to springboard, double tap the home button, force close the backgrounded Monzo app by swiping it out of the multitasking switcher and then attempt to send money via. the force touch shortcut.

With Touch ID off, it appears to take you to the contacts tab. The activity spinner in the status bar spins for a significant time before timing out. With Touch ID app unlock on, I just get left in the feed.

Likely related but the contact in the force touch menu disappears if you force quit the app while it is active in the foreground. To keep it there, Monzo must be force closed after it has been backgrounded.