Flying with easyJet

(Chris Greenwood) #21

I also had Monzo refused on EasyJet on Friday (29/07). The explanation was “we don’t take Monzo or Revolut because we don’t get the money” I pointed out that it was a regular MasterCard, a current account and not a pre-paid card but they were not going to budge!


I flew with EasyJet on Tuesday and had this problem. I didn’t bother arguing but glad it’s being looked into. I thought I’d got to the point where I don’t have to carry around a backup card (although I still do)

(Chris Hawes) #23

I had the same issue on Tuesday (17th July).

No explanation other than the flight attendant had received an email informing them to not accept Monzo cards.

(Change Works) #24

I fly with EasyJet every few months, but haven’t had a card declined (yet).

I really want to order food, open all the packets, and when they refuse the card say, “Thanks for the free food.”

I live in hope!

(Jack) #25

Had an update from my mate who works for EasyJet, he said he hasn’t heard anything since the original memo went out.

(Stephen Spencer) #26

Sounds like reaching out via Mastercard isn’t working - time for Tom to email Stelios: “WTF, dude?”

(Danny) #27

I don’t think Stelios has a say anymore?

(Ben Talbot) #28

What was the original memo?

(Jack) #29

Essentially telling all crew not to accept Monzo bank cards as the money never comes through :man_shrugging:t3:

(Charlie Kelly) #30

Gonna give this a go next week! Flying to Paris with them so might have a baguette or two.

(Ben Talbot) #31

Sure, wasn’t sure which way around the note was