Flux: thank you and goodbye

Now we’re talking Flux! This is great. With the news of the points being done automatically in the next stage is also very welcome.


OK, if that’s off topic, I should rephrase. What is Flux’s ethical policy?

I’ve been hoping for something like this! I hope that works at Costa too when they’ve finished implementing support for Costa.

The future is bright! Thank you, Flux!


Flux don’t produce the meat, nore do they encourage you to go to KFC.

They’re merely a service provider so if you’re not a KFC customer you won’t ever see this. So no ethical policy is needed :slight_smile:


I dispute that their service doesn’t encourage you to go to KFC - just look at this thread.

The classic argument for platform immunity has been thoroughly worn out by now as well.

Discussing over here:


KFC definitely works :wink:

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I can feel an “ethical policy” rant coming on but I’ll refrain :laughing:

Back on topic…

I don’t go to KFC that often, so it is of little value to me. I do however appreciate Monzo and Flux for their efforts to accommodate the huge amount of people that do :clap:

I look forward to seeing who the next merchant is. As mentioned above it would be good to see a huge supermarket chain :sunglasses:


I don’t go to KFC either.

But I am glad that a large UK wide chain has taken this up, hopefully others to come but getting a company the size of KFC on board is a great sign.


Maybe Ladbrokes or William Hill is next.

Presumably you could get your bets on the receipt in the app!

So, with the express purpose of trying out digital receipts, I just purchased a meal at Pod for the first time, Euston Tower, London (which is on the map as being available) and when I asked for a digital receipt the person serving said no only paper receipts are available. When I insisted they should be available at Pod according to the Flux website he told me maybe at other shops but not this one.

Suffice to say I didn’t receive a digital receipt. Is this perhaps because I used Apple Pay instead of my card?

I thought that it was available in app, by tapping on the transaction maybe?

I’d love to see a major supermarket get on board, or all of them in-fact all of them. Supermarkets I would imagine probably generate the largest usage as thats generally where you will buy the longest list of items.

I love the concept of Flux but there needs to be more people getting on board. That said, someone as nationally available as KFC is definitely a step in the right direction.


I chatted to the manager and he didn’t know about it, but did also say he’d only been there for a couple of weeks. He was very nice and took my email and said he would contact his IT department and let me know what story is.

Definitely no digital receipt. “Add receipt” option for paper receipts available too.

Hi sorry to hear this! Just seen you posted the transaction view we’ll look into this ASAP on the Flux side.


I’ve just purchased a KFC, linked the transaction to Flux with no problems… however, the digitial receipt within my Monzo app is incorrect. It contains items I did not buy.

You probably meant this is tongue in cheek…

But id actually love this, bet365 and skybet as apposed to two you mentione however :laughing:

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Hi can you please send an email to help@tryflux.com with a screenshot of the receipt? We’ll look into this ASAP! If easier we also have chat support on our website at www.tryflux.com

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Seems to be a definite lack of knowledge/training. Went around the corner to Itsu and asked if they do digital receipts and the person serving me had no idea.

This time though I did receive a digital receipt. Showed the person serving me and she, okay that’s great! I had to agree :slightly_smiling_face:

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Understand this can be frustrating, but most managers aren’t trained on Flux since we just work in the background without interfering with their checkout process. Noted that this is not the best experience on the customer experience side - great feedback thank you

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