Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

(Peter Shillito) #188

They make money from retailers who pay to get a usage dashboard, I.e. their business model is getting businesses to pay for users’ data.

(MikeF) #189

I’d agree except that Monzo have already stated that Flux only get sent data relating to ‘Flex enabled’ merchants.

I guess it’s possible if Costa works with Flux but the concept of advertising is purely in your post at the moment. I haven’t seen it suggested anywhere else.


How do you opt out of using Flux on Monzo?

(Michael) #191

I think if you don’t enable it, you’re not opted-in … this isn’t an “opt-in by default” system I don’t believe.


But then how do you opt out again? Do you have to contact Flux directly or Monzo? What’s the mechanism?

(Michael) #193

Probably have to contact Monzo support to ask them to “break the connection” :slight_smile:

(Jolin) #194

I read through the Privacy Policy the other day, and parts of it seemed generic/overly broad to cover potential future actions. Not that it always represents what they are using data for now. I’m not personally a fan of this approach – I’d rather the privacy policy represented how data is used now, and updated (with notification of changes) if needed in the future.

(Sean) #195

I did some work on paperless receipts when I was working at a food retailer and this is the major benefit from the retailer side. Many ePOS systems don’t have good enough baked in analytics and this covers that gap while also offering an additional service to customers and saving money spent on receipts. In the long term the understanding of customer spending as low as by product by minute allows for better decisions around stocking and RTC to reduce waste and could even influence time of day merchandising on shelf ends if there was enough of a spike in some products.

(Kieran McHugh) #196

You can contact us to disconnect. You’ll be able to do this yourself soon.

(Veronique Barbosa) #198

Hi thanks for the feedback, we take it into account and really appreciate it. The privacy policy was drafted with the intent to be transparent about the clear purpose of why Flux is processing your personal data and what the purpose is with that data. The availability to see your transaction data varies bank by bank, and that’s clarified in bank specific on-boarding, however I completely take the feedback on the privacy policy.

You can opt out of Flux right now via Monzo support and like @kieranmch said you’ll be able to do this yourself soon. You can also message either Flux or Monzo support to opt out of either loyalty or offers. So that you can choose to only receive receipts and not enable receiving any form of re-engagement from any merchant. Our philosophy with merchant re-engagement is that it only happens if A) you want it B) it’s relevant to you C) you save actual cash money from any re-engagement (e.g. discounts or getting loyalty freebies)

@theshillito we make money from retailers who want us to link their loyalty programs to the Flux platform, thus making it automated and easier to use for customers. We also charge a % of successfully converted offers (when customers want to receive those). Blueberry, which is what we call our dashboard, is not currently monetised and shows things like No. receipts delivered, what % of customers were recurring vs new. Does that help clarify?

We deeply value transparency and your data at Flux, we spend a lot of time thinking about it like on our blog here.

(Sam) #199

Probably a stupid question, but I’ve not read the specs in full. If I replace my Monzo card, would any existing loyalty offers continue or would I have to start from scratch? Following on to that, would I show as a “new” customer to the retailers?


Looking at their site, they make money by charging retailers to integrate their rewards and loyalty programs into the flux offering:


Integration with TFL would be nice, so we can see how they’re billing us for touching in/out on Oyster readers.

I’d also like supermarkets and fuel stations on board.

(Andrew Ross) #202

I don’t seem to be able to get it working for Costa as the moment. Reading above it appears some users can? Is it just me or is Costa ’coming soon’ as appears on the website.


You can already do this if you add your contactless card to your TFL account (granted it’s an additional service you need to have signed up for), and they have an app which is quite good and shows you your travel charges in real time.

(Chris Rimell) #204

You may have misunderstood some of the chat (or maybe I have) but Costa isn’t live with flux yet


It would be great if this becomes more widely supported and is integrated with a future Monzo business account. I’m finding paper receipts to be such an administrative burden at the moment - there’s no reason why this can’t be electronic!


Digital receipts is such a great idea. I wish Monzo would try this themselves though. We have to rely on other companies wanting to add this as an extra cost?

(Kieren) #207

I suggested back along the ability to scan the barcode at the bottom of a receipt and it then calls the relevant stores System/API to get the items and put that in as a digital receipt - but due to the amount of stores and systems etc it would be a mammoth task


I can’t see retailers being interested in a solution that only worked with a single bank.