Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

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Lovely to meet you yesterday @veroniquebarbosa and thanks for coming here to answer questions :hot_coral_heart:

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Tried using it this morning at my local EAT store, worked flawlessly. I normally use Deliveroo to order from places like POD and can already see the potential in this service. No receipts, no delivery fees, short little walk to keep me fit - so many benefits!

I wonder why Monzo decided to partner with Flux and not explored the idea of OCR example used during the launch ceremony last night? Perhaps, ‘Your Year In Monzo’ already enabled Monzo to understand majority of its customers spent on Food/Takeaways and they saw an opportunity to explore it (especially the loyalty bit)!?

Another concern was - it’s not fully scaled up and works only with card/digital wallets. I know some Monzo customers (and others) who still carry cash for these types of purchases!

I really appreciate the vision shared by both the CEO’s last night however I’m not sure how can you make it available/open to all when a significant number of customers are still using cash in supermarkets/takeaways?!

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The map will be full when Costa goes live, but it does poise one question, and that is, a lot of Costa are franchises not owned directly by Coca Cola, so will does franchises be covered or will it be ones owned and opperated by Coke?

(Adam) #150

Correct me if I’m wrong, but part of Monzo’s remit is that they believe in a cashless society. So with contactless so prevalent in supermarkets, digital receipts could be an incentive to buy on card instead, maybe

(Ray Singh) #151

You are right and as a Monzo user I am 100% cashless but my feedback was more about flux and their vision in scaling things up. :blush:

(Andy) #152

There’s s lot of discussion here about being London focused etc. And a lot of general impatience.

Just a reminder: a lot of people who work in startups work extraordinarily hard, at great personal risk to ship great features, well engineered, in a good timeframe. I guarantee you that whether it’s Monzo and feature parity, Freetrade and Android release or Flux and coverage they’re fully aware and doing all they can. Something’s got to give. There’s a push to get minimum viable product out, it’s blooming hard and inevitably leaves users frustrated. In the words of Bill Gates, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. “ Same applies to months. Be patient and believe that they’ve heard you.

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Excited for the future of this…!

One thing from the Open Office… I notice at the hackathon they made a system that would scan photos of receipts and make it digital… I upload a photo of a paper receipt to every transaction in Monzo… it’d be amazing to see this integrated from the hackathon into the app and have all my receipts digital!

Any idea if its coming or not?

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How do you match transactions where the payment device used EMV PAN tokenization such as Apple Pay? I was under the impression neither the Merchant nor the bank received that token as it was processed at the EMV level.

Is this the reason Tom used his card, not his phone, in the video?

(Alex) #155

This doesn’t answer the how but I’ve been in the closed Flux beta on Monzo for a while now and have exclusively used Apple Pay with no issues. So can at least confirm it does work.


Both the merchant and the bank receive the device account number (tokenised PAN).

(Elliot ) #157

I’m based in Wales and hope they have more “out-of-city” benefits / features soon - especially with smaller independent shops (like independent coffee shops - where maybe they created a recipet for you), and you could recommend them for loyalty integration or something. Personally really think this has the potential to grow huge if it’s grow organically from the users.

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These itemised digital receipts could be awesome for integration with services like Myfitnesspal. I.e. I order a chicken katsu for lunch from Wagamama and it is automatically able to add this to the diary

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I swear I suggested the concept of (something like) Flux > Monzo back when I signed up for Monzo in 2017… except I had thought of it as being a tie into the retailer, not the retailer using a different method of receipt creation…

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Let’s keep this thread about Flux and keep API related stuff on another thread so it doesn’t get lost :slightly_smiling_face:

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The API chat has moved to

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Supermarkets would be useful.
Also car parking firms, (have to claim these back)

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I would be interested in this too. At first guess they would have to make money from my data, but I would like to know to what end and how anonymised it is. Time for me to go read a privacy policy before starting to use it (personally I have zero use for it but it will be cool to try).

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There was a pieces about the Flux income streams in the back end of the launch video from the other night. I can’t remember the details fully but it’s worth a look if you’re interested.

(Rob) #187

I had a quick skim of the Privacy Policy. From it I have two assumptions, but please point out if you think that they are flawed?

A - Flux has access to everything we spend everywhere regardless of if the retailer is a part of Flux or not for ‘customising content’ - sounds like data collection for providing adverts
B - We could for example see Starbucks adverts in Costa receipts

  1. We keep information that we collect about your purchases and related information such as loyalty scheme usage with participating retailers (including items, amounts, place and time) and use it for aggregated and anonymised statistical analysis. This is in order to help those retailers run improved loyalty schemes and, available and subject to your consent, to provide you with discounted offers based on your spending profile (although please note the retailer will never be able to identify you specifically and will only see your spending preferences in an aggregated way. You can find details about how Flux interacts with retailers at www.tryflux.com/retailer)
  2. We keep information about your other transaction data such as from retailers that are not currently on the Flux platform. This is for the purpose of customising your content and retroactively matching your receipts and your loyalty where available from retailers. This data will be anonymised upon collection. We will request your consent to do so.