Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

They did mention the release of new partners for receipts in January if im not mistaken?

Hopefully thats still the case.

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Wonder if I can use the Flux Papa Johns with their own and get it for nowt

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I’d imagine you’d end up with paying 25% at best. As it would in theory apply one, then the other to the remaining amount


Not a bad deal in the end - 50% off in the app for Veganuary

And then an instant refund from Flux

So £8 for £29 worth of food. Just waiting for the delivery now :yum:


Verdict on the vegan pizzas?

Tempted to give it a go bit people always say the cheese let’s it down!

Cheese is weird - it’s a bit like those creamy cheese triangles.

I bet that’s quite nice haha.

Like when you fancy a change so swap a tomato base for a white sauce one :sweat_smile:

Another Flux Just Eat offer activated prior to… another Chippy tea - and £5 refunded against the order thanks to the offer. I’m lovin’ it :fish::fries::money_mouth_face:

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