Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

I think my hunger got the better of me! Even so, it was a somewhat misleading email

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Morning both! I’m so sorry for the confusion :flushed: That email was intended for people who’d activated, but not redeemed, the Just Eat offer. It seems I made a mistake pulling the details out of the database though :woman_facepalming:

Thanks for flagging it - I can see what the error was so will be sure to get it right next time. @Paulw, please dm me a screenshot of your receipt and I’ll honour the offer for you as this was definitely my bad!


Just ordered from Just Eat, was 15% off from their end and then 33% of the order value credited back from Flux… Bargain, I’ll be rolling round the living room by the time I’ve finished this order :sweat_smile:


With the Just Eat offer, is the £15 meant to be the total order including service and delivery fees, or the subtotal of just the food, with other charges added on above the £15?

I ordered extra food just to be sure :sweat_smile: it didn’t specify that it had to be though

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Hi @talon,

The offer applies to the order as long as the total spend is above £15, inclusive of delivery and service fees.

I hope this helps.



Just a quick question about some of the offers and the restrictions on them. I noticed when scrolling through some said offer not available if you use either of the pays by Google or Apple. Is there a reasoning you can share as to why that would be, is it something the retailers dictate?

Hi @DaveJ,

These terms are in place due to current technical restrictions.

We do hope to be able to support these types of payments in future but at this time we are unable to and so by extension, they are not eligible for Flux services.



No problem just wondered, thought it was odd some could be used this way and others weren’t. Thanks for the quick response.

Am I missing something here? I’ve had flux activated for some time but don’t recall ever getting any cashback :man_shrugging:t3:

Did u activate the offers here?

Ah, wondered why I didn’t get the cashback.

So annoying as I already have it linked in Monzo.

Just got the latest batch of offers: 50% off Pure; 20% off Apex Hotels; spend £10 get £5 back at Itsu; and 30% off refillable cleaning products at Re:Store.

So, mainly London based again? Doesn’t look like I’ll be using any of them this month. :confused:

Actually, I think Apex Hotels are more Scotland based with a few down in England. Still probably not of use to you though.

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Even Re:Store is only of use to a small subset of people who live close to the trading estate in Hackney.

Another communications anomaly…

This one is a bit late :sweat_smile: and I’m sure I’ve had this before? :thinking:

Hi @Ordog,

We’ve been segmenting the send out for that email so only a certain number of people receive it each day which is why you’ve received it now.

The reason we’ve segmented sending out this material change email is that we have a few hundred thousand Monzo customers and sending it to everyone all at once would likely result in me being totally overwhelmed by people to respond to.

Admittedly it’s been a busy couple of weeks with emails.

There shouldn’t be a reason you’d have received it twice but if that’s the case, let me know and we can look into why that has happened.


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I received it twice as well. Or pretty much the same email.

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