Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

lEgAcY bAnKs BaD hAhA

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That seemed low to me and a quick Google says 48 million! Ha! About half that in the UK.

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Don’t write follow this. 1) Customers have to sign up for Flux, it is opt in, not opt out. 2) The customers are already customers of the shop, there is no net gain surely.

You could save on paper for 30 million customers’ receipts


You could save on paper for 5 million customers’ receipts

Which one is more attractive?

Lots of ‘coulds’ with made up numbers there. Flux has no traction. Retailers don’t care for it, that much is quite clear. What have we got - KFC after a couple of years? Costa abandoned it with Flux telling us it was only ever a ‘trial’ - that was embarrassing for them! They could have ditched paper receipts years ago if they wanted to. Thats before you get to integration and licensing costs for the retailer.

I have been pretty consistent in saying that Flux is a poor idea and will not gain any traction. Where does my receipt go if I close my Monzo account? Not got one. Can’t remember if I bought something with my Monzo card or another card, so where do I start looking for my receipt? Total waste of time. However, receipts tied to an email address, ie an individual, is a much more significant idea. But there is no incentive for retailers to do that as paper and printers are so incredibly cheap, and if the receipt gets lost, it is the customers problem.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the end goal now was to be purchased by Barclays. Remember back when they launched there were all about saving the planet with dodgy stats that you could only get 10 receipts from every tree :laughing: - they just keep trying different things until something sticks IMO.


They ‘do’ have a Portal, although I’m not sure if it’s the priority for them.

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Hey Ricky!

Thanks for asking. We’ll be sharing an end-of-year blog in the next week or two that’ll reflect on how things have gone in 2020 and what we’ll be focusing on next year :smiley: If you can hang on just a little longer, I’ll share it here as soon as it’s live.


That’s great to know, thanks so much for sharing @samantha.flux :raised_hands:t3: :grin:

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Guess the copy was finalised! Sorry if people have been seeing this for a while now but:

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I’m not sure whose department, but there’s a word missing in the last bullet point I believe.

Either partner will see , or partner sees I’m guessing.

You partner see frauded. Monzo feel bad. :scream:


Probably sees. will see will be too long, and will will be unnecessary word for that one Grammarly addicted Monzo employee driving these decisions!

Might as well omit that unneeded comma whilst they’re at it too. Long live conciseness in the name of narrow phone screens! Unless you’re on a 4 inch iPhone, in which you can GET OUR NEW SHINY

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Hi @samantha.flux did the end of year post go live or still in the works?

Hey Nathan, Happy New Year!

Apologies for not sharing this earlier, I’ve only just come back from Christmas leave.

Here you go: https://blog.tryflux.com/reflecting-on-2020-6b3059e2a6ac :blush:

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