Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

Monzo search on Android is super basic, but very fast. Never had it crash out on me.

I think it’s just poorly optimised and non-native on iOS. Even on the newer devices it feels a little clunky and the phone gets hot. Would crash my iPhone 7 from time to time, but not on my 11 or 12 pro, probably due to the more powerful processor offsetting it’s inefficiencies.

It’s not just search though, Monzo seem to use a lot of hacks to make non-native elements feel as close to a native experience as possible, like the scrolling transition on the plus page, and the transition in and out of transaction panes. It’s neat, but heavy on the processor.

I really want Flux to get more widespread.

Hopefully Barclays integration helps that.


It’s been stagnant for a while hasn’t it?

Since launch I was only ever able to use it with KFC, and still only KFC, the last time I actually got one. Flux could be killer, it just needs the adoption from merchants.

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They’ve added H&M but meh.

It’s got so much potential, I hope we look back in a (probably) a few years and struggle to believe this wasn’t standard for every retailer.


To be fair, I’m sure some of us were thinking that just a few years ago and struggle to believe it still is not the reality yet.

Had a quick look at the website and can see Just Eat and Papa Johns now on there, I used to use both a lot back in England. Hopefully Barclays being on board, as you say, will accelerate it.

I was actually thinking earlier looking at my receipt as I left co op, wondering when I’d eventually just be able to have it sent to my Monzo app instead. Monzo could apply some of their software wizardry smarts to elevate the use of the data too. So much untapped potential here.

Which reminds me, I miss the category splitting from plus too, as someone who gets cash back frequently to avoid cash machines. Have a lot of plus withdrawal symptoms of late, as I’m ending up situations where I found a few of the tools really useful.

I am indeed, the only thing i can do is continue to report it each time as im on testflight. Hopefully others do the same :man_shrugging:

I think thats it, we can see how good it can be or could be and with one of the larger legacy banks coming onboard its a matter of when and not if i feel.

I just hope its marketed well by barclays to get good uptake. More users can lead to more companies wanting to onboard?


Still not sure of the real benefit to the retailer tbh.

Saves them on paper and ink, maybe time spent at the till too, and building their own in house service to offer e-receipts, which accessibility expectations, among environmental ambitions will end up driving retailers towards digital options anyway. Might as well use flux.

Yeah not more till printing machine, everything digital. No more ordering paper, check paper etc.

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But that is not the case because not everyone will want (or be able to have) a digital receipt. What you are stating is decades away.

If Flux was that great then they would be fighting off national retailers with a stick who are wanting to join them. But several years down the line we have a few companies, some of which don’t always work. I maintain that Flux is a solution looking for a problem.

The retailers they have onboard are likely just using Flux as an experiment to decide whether to offer their own e-reciepts in the retailers own apps or not. Not as customer friendly, but means leas data sharing.


Most, if not all of the self service tills are card only today. So they can get rid of the software, paper and hardware on those machines.
Which, especially in corner shops, usually outnumber actually tills by a lot

I disagree with this. Receipts are a problem for me. I don’t like giving random companies my email so they can email me one, and I always lose the paper ones, but I value the data insights that can be gleamed from them if it’s all centralised and easy to sort. My only hesitation is one of privacy.

As for companies not adopting it. I can only refer to the numerous incumbent small business in rural areas who see no need for accepting card. It’s just inertia.


That might be the case, but clearly retailers have no appetite to jump on board with Flux, hence me saying it is a solution looking for a problem.

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On this we very much agree, and my hope is that will eventually change, especially with Barclays now on board.


I have a question @samantha.flux.
Do / should flux receipts work if I make an order and pay with my monzo card through PayPal?

Also, when can we expect more retailers to join flux? Its such a great idea. I want it for everything!

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Hi @alexmst :wave:t3: Sorry, I missed your message somehow!

So at the moment, it won’t work if you pay through Paypal - because of the way the payments are processed, we won’t get the same data points as we normally would if you paid directly with Monzo. That’s really important, because we rely on key pieces of information to match transactions with the information sent to us by retailers. We’d love to get Paypal on board as a merchant though, so watch this space :eyes:

And speaking of new merchants - although lockdown2 has slowed things a little, there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes here at Flux (virtual) HQ. I’d love to have another announcement ready to go before the end of the year, but in any case there’s definitely big things coming in 2021. Wish I could say more, but my lips are unfortunately sealed :shushing_face:

Hope that helps, but do give me a shout if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!


Hi @samantha.flux!

An interesting point was raised recently in another thread – with the updated Google Pay app, which imports receipt data from emails and Photos, do you think it might threaten Flux’s future operations?

Retailers could get your email address first hand, email you a receipt and Google would then do the magic in the background. Obviously it‘s US only for now but if it does launch in the, do you think it would have an impact?

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Personally for me id rather flux’s integration.

The faff involved with having to spell out my email each time to the person at the till is crap customer service, added on to the fact you then have to gamble that they still got it right and also have now not signed you up to marketing emails.

I’d also rather not give out my email to every retailer I buy with.