Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

I love the Flux integration and can’t wait for more retailers to be on board!
One thing I’ve been wondering though is why Flux decided against creating their own standalone app rather than integrating with banks such as Monzo? I for example have cards from different providers… being able to manage all my receipts from one single place would be beneficial no? I also don’t know how I feel about managing my loyalty and rewards in my Monzo app directly, or about having to pull up my Monzo app in-store and filter through my finances if I need a refund…
Nevertheless this is a great product! Goodbye paper receipts

Hi @Alpina91 :wave:

That’s a really good question. Our founders actually started with the idea of an app but decided relatively early on that it wasn’t the right avenue for us to pursue. There’s a few reasons for this, but the most important one is that at Flux, our core mission is about making people’s lives simpler. We decided that adding another layer wasn’t really achieving that, which is why we decided to embed the receipts directly inside your banking app (as this is the main place that people manage their finances from).

There’s some downsides to this approach: we have fewer direct contact points with our customers, it’s harder for us to make product changes quickly, and as you pointed out, it’s more difficult for customers who have more than one bank account to get a holistic view of their Flux receipts.

While I don’t think an app is on the cards for us (at least in the near future), we are exploring other ways that we might be able to offer a centralised place for customers to see all of their Flux data. I’ll let you all know when/if we get to beta stage with any of these products as it would be great to get some feedback :smile: