Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

All the Papa John’s promotion offers now used.

Happy Friday all! Just a super quick one: a lot of people have been asking us to display the restaurant name in Just Eat receipts so that it’s easier to keep track of things.

Excited to say that we’ve just shipped an update that should do just that :tada: Please check it out next time you order with Just Eat and let us know what you think :smile:


Hi @samantha.flux how long ago did you ship the update? I ordered about an hour ago but no restaurant name.

Ahh I think you were too soon - only happened in the last half an hour I’m afraid :see_no_evil:

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Story of my life :joy::joy::joy:

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Is there a way to feed items on the receipt back to the pot?

If I spend 100 in Waitrose, 50 on food and the other 50 on wine, I can now set a pot just for the wine purchase. It will help me control budgets on specific spendings.

No flux is simply a display of an e-receipt.

Monzo doesnt even allow you to split a transaction into different categories yet so this is a long way off

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has splitting transaction into different categories a popular request by users? I would find it very useful myself

Yeah heres the thread for that one where you can vote/comment to show your support.

With over 100 votes its one of the most popular on the community but this unfortunately always doesnt translate to making monzo develop it quicker or even at all.

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Just voted. Thank you

any reason why not? The request was back in Jan 17. It’s been 3 years since then…

Ideas and votes are an indicator for Monzo of the features the community would like to see but they don’t necessarily create those features or those features with the most votes.

There’s a balance between the goals of the business, the views of the community (a small but very engaged subset) and the feedback from the customer base as a whole (focus groups, surveys, customer service interactions).