Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

@samantha.flux works for Flux and is usually quite active on here helping people. I believe she is on holiday at the moment though.

Generally her response to these kind of things is to email help@tryflux.com. I’ve done it in the past and they’re pretty quick at getting to the bottom of issues.

Edit: Found the post…

I take it Flux doesn’t work on joint accounts yet if ever, never really use the personal account

I don’t see why not. Have you tried it?

I’ve just checked mine and it does work on Joint Accounts. Not sure where you got this from?

Works for me in my JA. Had an Itsu purchase a while back in which I had a look just now - I can see the receipt there.

I looked at Just eat for 3 Aug and it said Add Receipt didn’t bother scrolling down as I thought that would have disappeared and the receipt / transactions would have been in its place :joy:

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Anyone attend the open office and fancy sharing some details?

I was told by Flux a little while ago that both users of the JA need to have connected to Flux for it to work.

Hi @samantha.flux , @fcorti

Any details to share from the open office? I believe it was aiming to talk through what flux’s future plans are so eager to hear from it if possible

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Hey Nathan, I’m sorry I missed your earlier post! I’m in the middle of doing a write-up about the event for the blog but have been a little side-tracked as we’re preparing for the climate strike tomorrow :deciduous_tree::fist:t2:

If you can bear with me, we should have it up by mid-next week :smile: But if you’ve got any burning questions in the meantime, please give me a shout!