Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

@samantha.flux works for Flux and is usually quite active on here helping people. I believe she is on holiday at the moment though.

Generally her response to these kind of things is to email help@tryflux.com. I’ve done it in the past and they’re pretty quick at getting to the bottom of issues.

Edit: Found the post…

I take it Flux doesn’t work on joint accounts yet if ever, never really use the personal account

I don’t see why not. Have you tried it?

I’ve just checked mine and it does work on Joint Accounts. Not sure where you got this from?

Works for me in my JA. Had an Itsu purchase a while back in which I had a look just now - I can see the receipt there.

I looked at Just eat for 3 Aug and it said Add Receipt didn’t bother scrolling down as I thought that would have disappeared and the receipt / transactions would have been in its place :joy:

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Anyone attend the open office and fancy sharing some details?

I was told by Flux a little while ago that both users of the JA need to have connected to Flux for it to work.

Hi @samantha.flux , @fcorti

Any details to share from the open office? I believe it was aiming to talk through what flux’s future plans are so eager to hear from it if possible

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Hey Nathan, I’m sorry I missed your earlier post! I’m in the middle of doing a write-up about the event for the blog but have been a little side-tracked as we’re preparing for the climate strike tomorrow :deciduous_tree::fist:t2:

If you can bear with me, we should have it up by mid-next week :smile: But if you’ve got any burning questions in the meantime, please give me a shout!


Hey Nathan, thanks for being patient :pray:t2:

You can check out the write-up here - let me know if you’ve got any questions :smile:


Hi Samantha,

Thanks for this, was an interesting read but doesnt really tell us anything new in terms of plans for the community rather than an overall vision.

A few questions i have:

So with marvin being built does this mean there is want for more emphasis on companies coming to you rather than you to them as was previously the case?

I have to say I personally thought that once KFC was onboarded it would be a real catalyst for others to join too.

Is it more case of you want to bring kfc full circle with loyalty also before pursuing more retailers?

Its been close to 2 months since your first onboarding of an online retailer. I would have imagined it was quite easy to replicate this across more online only retailers or is that not the case?

Any goals before the end of the year?

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Morning :smile:

So Marvin isn’t replacing our current approach, it’s more like we’re adding another string to our bow. The difficulty we have with talking about what we’re working on is that until the integration has been built and tested, we can’t talk about who we’re working with. So even if we’ve got contracts signed with retailers (which we do), we can’t tell you who until everything’s been completed. The problem with this is that from the outside, it can look like things have stagnated, when the reality is that we’re hiring like crazy and there’s still not enough hours in the day to get everything done! :sweat_smile:

We wanted to talk about Marvin in the open office because it’s something that we’ve built to complement our current approach and to try to open Flux up to different types of retailers. Although the big retailers - like supermarkets - are used by more people, it’s also true that most Flux users have a favourite local coffee shop or cafe that they frequent regularly, and it’d be great to be able to offer Flux receipts there as well. Resource-wise, it’s not efficient for us to approach individual small business and build custom integrations - but by introducing Marvin, we’re allowing these businesses to on-board with Flux directly with minimal tech work required on our side.

Online retailers are interesting - they’re more likely to have the specific data we need to match transactions more readily available that a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer, but that in itself doesn’t make building the integration any less complex. Launching with our first online retailer was super exciting for us though, and there’s definitely going to be more to come in the future :smile:

And as to your final point - sorry this is so lengthy! - on the banking side, we’re aiming to be in testing with a high street bank and to have launched with another challenger bank by the end of the year. On the retail side, we’re aiming to have another purely online retailer, another quick restaurant, and take a bigger step into fashion before the year’s out. So lots of work for us to crack on with!

I hope that’s helpful - let me know if you’ve got any questions.


You should partner with Nandos. Just sayin.


Thats more than helpful! thanks for taking to to respond and answer all my questions.

Looks like a busy last quarter, cant wait to see the plans come to fruition :slight_smile:

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Thanks for such a detailed update. All very exciting!

Any more merchants on the horizon?

Did you even read the latest update?

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Sorry, I meant would they be willing to share a name(s)

If you read it you’d know that they can’t.

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My bad! Apologies all

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