Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

(Veronique Barbosa) #229

Hi Sacha - very sorry to hear you’re missing a receipt! Best first port of call is your Monzo in app chat and if they can’t resolve it we’ll be available to help you here at Flux on help@tryflux.com or via our chat support on the website.

(Sacha Zarb) #230

Consider it sent in via in app chat, hope it helps to iron out any little issues.

(Sean) #231

Just got round to finishing watching the launch and it sounds like the receipt and therefore any related loyalty is linked to the account. How does this the work with Joint Accounts? If I have a loyalty card from a retailer then I can scan/swipe that and use either of my Monzo cards and get my points/stamps but what about with Flux?

(Antoine A.) #232

A quick report about issues I spotted during my first Monzo/Flux experience:

  • Negative amounts are not displayed correctly. I’ve been to Itsu (for their 50% discount offer every evening :eyes:), and the discount amount was displayed as a positive (i.e. no “minus” sign prepending the item amount.
  • There is still the button “add receipt” whereas it should be hidden, as the receipt is already added.
  • The cashier told me “do you want a receipt”, I though he would not ask (but I think that’s more a flux issue).

I hope some dev/project manager of this project reads me.


This is fixed in the most recent TestFlight (so iOS) build of the app.

(Jordan Taylor) #234

Add receipt will likely stay so that you can add your own receipt in addition to Flux. Most likely for the purpose of expenses.

(Rob) #235

I can see this being useful for business trips for expenses and would be good if it intergrated with an expense system like SAP Concur.

For personal use i have liitle need for the receipt to my coffee or lunch. I only really need or want receipts for larger purchases such as electrical purchases or clothes where you’d want to keep hold of it incase you need to return a defective product.