Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

(Paul) #209

Bought lunch yesterday from itsu. Worked great. Is there a way of exporting the receipt as a pdf? I can’t see there is at the moment but it would be handy.


This is why you need open standards - a common API that all acquirers, merchants and banks can use. Proprietary systems won’t create mass take up here.

Despite some initial scepticism, i think that Flux and Monzo might be able to get this going. I don’t think you can copyright APIs, so we need to see other banks emulating Monzo’s standards and endpoints, really. (And that won’t harm Monzo - quite the contrary it’ll put them in a commanding position with early mover advantage).

(Jordan Taylor) #211

Not yet from what I gather, but there’s been quite a few asking now, so it may be something for Flux to consider in the future?

(Paul) #212

That’s great. Thanks for the update


If anyone @Flux reads this, you could potentially get over 10,000 sites around the country, I used to work for a company that worked with hospitality companies that use their system and has been expending massively from pub chains hotels and restaurants.

(Vitali) #214

I love it! But I do find it’s slightly less useful as it only supports 4 retailers at the moment. But it is good at what it does! If I had itemised groceries (like from Sainsbury’s) that would be over the moon awesome, as I never keep any receipts but looking/checking back on your groceries is the best. You can also find out this way whether your assumption on them increasing the price of your favourite feta cheese is indeed true and not plot of your imagination.

(Jonathon) #215

Also what would be great is if Monzo could link these and allow multiple categories. Since they now know the items - that would be amazing.

(Daz Fisher) #216

not sure this has been asked, but is the digital receipt proof to be shown in store for potential refunds etc?

(Veronique Barbosa) #217

Nice! Is the PDF so you can keep them handy for expensing? Thanks for suggesting we’ll definitely keep it in mind for upcoming features

(Paul) #218

Yes exactly that. I have to do a tax return and a pdf export would really help. Cheers

(Veronique Barbosa) #219

Hi there - would love to learn more if you get the chance our retail team is on retailer@tryflux.com

(Veronique Barbosa) #220

We hear you loud and clear and we’re working on it! Haha exposing the truth on feta pricing :rofl:

If it helps for you and others reading this Flux’s retail strategy is simple - we’re focusing on high frequency brick & mortar merchants in the UK who run offline businesses. We build that list of target merchants based on what % of total card spend they represent based on frequency (not volume).

So whilst 4 live retailers might not feel like a lot on the surface the reality is those 4 businesses (EAT. itsu pod and Pure) already represent a decent % of total card spend. By focusing on first getting rid of the most frequent transactions that’s how we get closer every day to our mission: to liberate the world’s receipt data!

(Sacha Zarb) #221

So it works instantly in EAT this morning, and up pop the loyality card in the receipt which was cool, question is, how do I use that loyality card when it’s full? Does Flux tell EAT to not debit my card, or do I get a QR code to scan?



Sent info on :wink:


Even better - it happens automatically! We send you loyalty cashback straight to your Monzo account almost instantly (we are currently averaging under 11 seconds), so you never have to remember that you’re due that freebie. All you have to do is buy the item that was meant to be free, we’ll send you instant loyalty cashback.

(Oliver Nash) #224

This is a fab idea, especially good for the environment if retailers actually stop printing receipts (instead of them printing automatically and then throwing them in the bin when customers refuse to take them). I’d be interested to hear the roadmap for rolling out Flux to non brick and mortar stores. For example, eBay purchases, small e-tailers etc.

(Sacha Zarb) #225

So what’s the process for reporting where it doesn’t work? Went to a POD this morning for breakfast, and no receipt in the transaction in the :monzo: app.

(#savetheseabass) #226

Has it worked before for you since you signed up?

(Sacha Zarb) #227

yeah absolutely fine in Eat and Itsu, so was expecting it to work like it has there in Pod this morning, alas not.

and this is not a gripe, it’s how can I feedback to help improve the service.


Probably just in app chat. I don’t think any other method of communication allows them to look at the specific transaction.