Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards

But in that case you show a receipt that is clearly emitted by that shop - with all their reference numbers, etc. If I show my receipt from a Monzo app, I wonder if the staff would be trained to accept it

I guess it’s not a concern for now, as I think most Flux partners are restaurants

Id say it would need to be linked to a transaction id somehow on the e-receipt.

Yeah - I suppose if a shop has Flux integration, they must be able to lookup transactions by card number and time…
And the e-receipt must have additional metadata to refer to that

Interestingly identifying a single transaction globally within the EMV/ISO8583 standard is not so straight forward.
But card number + time nails it down really well
Edit: the merchant could create their own internal id and pass it to Flux - I suppose

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Flux receipts are considered legal proof of purchase. The key piece of information retailers need for returns is the receipt ID, which is located at the bottom of your digital receipt (though it does vary depending on which bank you use Flux with - I think the current Monzo receipts don’t include this, but we’re able to source the information for you if you need it).

In terms of using Flux receipts for chargeback disputes, not all will display all of the information that’s required for this - but it’s something we could look up for you should you need it. And in terms of being legally valid for HMRC purposes, those that have VAT will be - not all do though.

Hope that helps :smile:


I can’t see the ‘we can look it up for you’ approach scaling.


You’re right - it’s not a long-term solution, more of a V1 thing :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have any more potential retailers lined up in Q1?

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Is there a technical issue that prevents showing this data in monzo then? api doesnt support it? :thinking:

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I can’t give too much away, but I can say we’ve already signed some big contracts this year :wink: Watch this space!


According to metabase, still 830 offers with Papa John’s still to be claimed.

I am on a diet now after Saturday’s XXL pizza all to myself, so willpower is the only thing currently stopping me from doing it again with my Starling integration :rofl:

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I just spoke to Flux about this today. It is technically possible. We are prioritising it, so may be available in the future.
Will keep you up to date :point_up_2:


Thanks Flux !!! Just ordered …

:pizza: 1 x Large Double Pepperoni + Green Chillies
:pizza: 1 x Large “The Works”

for £8.79 ! (inc 50% off + 50% cash back)

Receipt and cash back received within 2 mins of ordering


Great news. And they’ve had a swanky little rebrand? Well, a logo and website change.


And the Papa John’s cashback offer is still going :pizza:

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Don’t I know it :slightly_frowning_face:

Just had another one, this time courtesy of my Starling account.

Supposed to be on a bl***dy diet!!! :man_shrugging: Willpower :-1:

334 offers left at 15:58

There are no papa johns near me otherwise I’d be all over this :sob:

I’d love to see Flux connected to as many retailers as possible but the big impact for me would be supermarkets - preferably Sainsbury’s. Beyond that, I can’t see any limitation to how I would like to see this used. Even in the case of the likes of Amazon or iTunes where itemised bills appear in your email inbox, having it automatically populated in banking apps such as Monzo improves your ability to manage personal finance and understand you finances quickly. I buy a lot on Amazon and spend a lot of time taking screen shots of email receipts and adding notes/tags in the Monzo app. With itemised bills this need would go away - I’m preaching to the choir here of course.

The list of supported retailers seems short at the moment and I’m sure this is a slow progress to begin with but would really like to see velocity in onboarding new retailers. I hope as many retailers as possible catch onto this as soon as possible. It can only be a good thing in my opinion.