Flood response challenge

First to fill all ‘?’ icons with their own avatar wins…

No badge. Just major respect.

Example winning display (for the person with ‘?’ as their avatar);

Come on :muscle:

i’m looking forward to all the high quality posts this will cause


To be fair, there are 2 community members that have almost achieved this in the past.

They’d have won it if wasn’t for those meddling responders.

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I expect someone doing a determined overnight catch-up could probably manage it. Though I wouldn’t necessarily encourage it.

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I’m sure I’ve done this before :blush:


As with every thread on here, no?


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I’ve come close to this in the past for sure.

Not sure this will help with the quality of response either!

You were almost there at one point - only 1 icon was taken up by someone else.

Not that I’m stalking the forum at all.

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Dammit, missed by one! (story of my life hahaha)


Yup, I don’t like suggesting users by name, but you did spring to mind as the winner. Bravo @Ordog :clap::trophy:

And definitely a :2nd_place_medal: for @gmclean


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I’ll take that!

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